Essay on Analysis Of ' The Time Machine '

Essay on Analysis Of ' The Time Machine '

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A society where market forces allow people the freedom of choice which can either lead them to success or failure is called a capitalism. This mindset is very beneficial to those who have something going for them, but can cause others to work twice as hard to earn just half of what the others have. Some may call it privileged. The novel, The Time Machine, presents two different kinds of creatures who symbolize this economic and political system. The names given by the traveler who discovers them is “Eloi and Morlocks”; while one happens too easily obtain anything resourceful to having a good life, the other works very hard to get somewhere. It is this kind of stuff that shows how one set of group has it easier than the other because what they already have beforehand. Especially in the real world where one can see how the Elois and Morlocks are presented to an area such as the University of Virginia. The lifestyle students here have come to be alike with the lifestyle illustrated in The Time Machine for these two sets of creatures.
These creatures labelled as “Elois and Morlocks” by the traveler depicts different characteristics from each other. By what has been used to describe them, it is clear to say that the Elois is the privileged ones while the Morlocks are more of the hard labour ones. At other words, Elois was seen as the higher class while Morlocks were part of the lower class. Aside from the social classes, some things that made Elois differ from the Morlocks were what they ate, their intelligence level, and appearance. Traits of such are what structured the society they live in. Each hold some good and bad traits that the traveler has deciphered while spending and observing them very carefully. From what the traveler has...

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... Eloi to an extent. Such things mentioned referring to them happen to be how they look, their capabilities, where they stand, and behavior/attitude. Elois were pretty, lazy, not that bright and more in the higher class level while the Morlocks inherited everything opposite of the Elois. With that being said, the details of what traits made up an Eloi or Morlock showed a relationship to how the students at UVA symbolized these creatures. The students who had money and barely cared for their educational while exhibiting a cocky attitude gave off a more Eloi character. However, the students who work hard, didn’t really own any name brands, and were attending school on scholarships symbolized more of a Morlock figure. These connections is a way for H. G. Wells to say that although the traveler is far in the future, things are still similar to the present day we live in.

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