Analysis of The Theory of Culture Essay

Analysis of The Theory of Culture Essay

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Culture can be reffered to as antonym of cult. Questioning culture is quite a trend in a contemporary society. Societal norms have been clashing with the individual’s ideals and views much recently. For certain nations, which demostrate a deeply rooted culture, this transformation seems to be inconceivable. Whereas the merits of imbibing the views of foreign cultures inculcates a differtial approach in task handling. Through the following document, I intend to grasp the wisdom bestowed upon by geniuses such as Geert Hofstede and various others who contributed to the globe theory, and how their advocations personify INDIA’s culture dimensions; and thereby influence the statistics of Human resource management of the same.

Hofstede (1980)’s theory of culture

Geert Hofstede is a Dutch social psychologist and anthropologist who has studied the interactions relating cultures. He received numerous rewards for his intercultural research all over the world. One of his most profound accomplishments is the establishment of the cultural dimensions theory, which provides a sequential overveiw for assessing the differences between nations and cultures. (Vitell 1993)

The theory is dependent upon on the idea that value can be placed upon six cultural dimensions. These are power (equality versus inequality), collectivism (versus individualism), uncertainty avoidance (versus uncertainty tolerance), masculinity (versus femininity), temporal orientation, and indulgence (versus restraint). Hofstede (1980) gathered data upon world cultural values through surveys via IBM, which is a US-based technology, consultation firm. He also introduced a scoring system of a scale from 1 to 120. (Vitell 1993)

Power-Distance index: According to Hofsted...

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