Analysis Of The Text ' How I Got Smart ' Essay

Analysis Of The Text ' How I Got Smart ' Essay

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What makes a piece of writing humourus? In “ How I got Smart” by Steve Brody and in “Salvation” by Langston Hughes, both use literary devices to tell a story from a younger perspective. Although they both use figurative language in a humourous way, Brody’s story is silly and has a happy ending and Hughes’s story is somewhat sad and does not end happily thus making Brody’s story overall funnier.
In the text “How I Got Smart” by Steve Brody the tone is humorous and his story is intended to shock his students and shift their paradigm about teachers origins. Students often don’t know about their professors beginnings and pivotal moments that brought them to where they are today. It can be easy to view them as congenital child librarians with no parallelism to a student 's life today; however, Brody contrasts these views with a humorous relatable story of how his quest for knowledge began. He never had a praiseworthy report card in high school and he hated school, but his infatuation for the smartest girl in his english class challenges him to impress her intellectually. He purchases an encyclopedia and dedicates himself to memorization of brief facts on various subjects beginning with the letter ”A”. He now has many conversation starters to approach her with and more opportunities to participate in class, thus raising his grades. His efforts are in vain once he realizes she has had a boyfriend from another school this whole time. His heartbreak doesn 't last long because at this point he has already developed a love for the knowledge he has been pursuing and he enjoys his new scholastic and social status among peers and teachers.
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Brody’s use of figurative language contributes to the humorous tone of the ...

... middle of paper ... sad and frustrating because the perspective is understandable coming from a young child, but he should have had better guidance and a safer environment where he didn 't feel like he needed to lie about a personal experience. The story began with humourous components, but did not leave the reader with a sense that the story was intended to be funny.
Hughe’s and Brody’s stories both have similar components of figurative language such as incongruity and exaggeration; however, they differ in their tone, with Brody’s story more sullen and Hughe’s story goofy. Hughes story overall was funnier because it leaves the reader with a positive situation of him overcoming heartbreak and continuing his pursuit for knowledge. Brody’s story wasn 't as funny because it ends on a sad note and makes the reader forget any funny elements and focus on the sad irony of the situation.

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