Analysis Of ' The Tale Of Cinderella ' Essay

Analysis Of ' The Tale Of Cinderella ' Essay

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Over the years, fairytales have been distorted in order to make them more family friendly. Once these changes occur, the moral and purpose of the stories begin to disappear. The tales featured in the many Disney movies - beloved by so many - have much more malignant and meaningful origins that often served to scare children into obeying their parents or learning valuable life lessons.
A perfect example of such plot alterations occur in the tale of Cinderella. This parable is "one of the oldest and most widespread fairy tales in western culture" ("The Origins of Snow White, Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty" 4) originating in roughly 50 BCE. The Disney motion picture is most likely based on the brothers Grimm version although many changes did occur. The vengeful stepsisters in the brothers’s story are characterized as “beautiful but black of heart” ("10 Disney Movies With Horrific Origins - Listverse" 3). In the earlier adaptations of the tale, the prince, in an effort to prevent the princess from leaving, coated the palace steps in tar. Another key modification, Cinderella’s father is still alive while most of these events transpire. In an effort to make the tale more juvenile-oriented , Disney abandoned the part of the story in which Cinderella has her helper birds peck out the eyes of her stepsisters and slams the lid of a trunk on her stepmother’s neck thus killing her. Also left out of the Disney version, one sister cuts off her heal and the other cuts off some of her toes in order to fit in the glass slipper. There is also no fairy godmother, the ball lasts for three days, and the dress does not magically disappear after midnight. Overall, Disney’s version of the Brothers Grimm tale has definitely been modified in an effort to...

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...ferent ending than the Disney film. What’s more, Hercules was originally a symbol of sexual prowess, having affairs with multiple men and women and was also the product of an affair himself. He slaughters his own children and burns himself alive; the immortal part of his body is “left after his human flesh burns away and [he] returns to olympus as an immortal,” ("10 Disney Movies With Horrific Origins - Listverse” 7). Finally, Peter Pan, in J.M. Barrie’s novel, kills the lost boys when they get too old. Most Disney films are a derivative of a much less child appropriate narrative.
Many of the stories Disney has popularized do not depict their truly sinister origins. Changes occurred over time, which ultimately altered the purpose of these fables transforming a tale intended to scare children into obedience to a tale of love and friendship with a cheerful conclusion.

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Analysis Of ' The Tale Of Cinderella ' Essay

- Over the years, fairytales have been changed in order to make them more kid friendly. Once these changes occur, the moral and purpose of the stories being to disappear. The tales featured in the many Disney movies beloved by so many, have much darker and meaningful origins that often served to scare children into obeying their parents or learning valuable life lessons. A perfect example of such plot changes occur in the tale of Cinderella. This fairytale is "one of the oldest and most widespread fairy tales in western culture" originating in roughly 50 BCE (ARTICLE #3)....   [tags: Fairy tale, Brothers Grimm, Snow White]

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