Analysis Of ' The Super Bowl ' Essay

Analysis Of ' The Super Bowl ' Essay

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Not Backing Down or Not Getting Up
This year the Super Bowl’s ads were particularly disappointing with a few exceptions. Doritos and Mountain Dew were well done due to comedic value, as always, if only slightly creepy. Aside from those commercials, I was disappointed in the Super Bowl ads, but there were two that caught my eye. Now while Shock Top did not use their actor’s full potential, and Budweiser left me wanting a more complete ad, these two ads were still highly successful and well executed. Both of these ads are produced to sell us the same product and/or service. Both of these companies go about selling beer in a different way Shock Top tries to go about it using comedy and ethos, whereas Budweiser uses emotional appeal making us a associate their beer with power and powerful emotions to sell their beer. While both companies sell in a different way both ads were highly successful.
The Shock Top ad depicts a younger man—T.J. Miller, who is a hilarious actor and comedian—who walks into a bar to get a drink. This is obviously a successful bar full of people and joy. The majority of people depicted in this scene appear to follow the stereotypical millennial lifestyle. After receiving his drink, the Shock Top tap head proceeds to talk to him, while making jokes about T.J. Miller. At first T.J. Miller is offended and retorts back with a comedic quip. As the beer tap gets more and more offensive T.J. Miller’s jokes get worse and worse. With him only occasionally retorting with a witty quip, but it is obvious that his jokes are purposefully worse. They end up being friendly and having a good laugh about the whole situation.
The Budweiser ad has multiple scenes and has several messages flash across the screen. At first, we se...

... middle of paper ... pathos and a little bit of ethos, that Budweiser is manly and we are manly if we drink it.
The content of the Budweiser ad is most likely due to the challenges it has faced and the loss of sales due to beers such as Shock Top (Harwell, 2015). While Budweiser is an American brand with quite some popularity they may have so low they cannot get up. They are losing everything even their parent company (Anheuser-Busch) has started investing in beers such as Shock Top (Harwell, 2015).
In conclusion, while both of these ads have seen great success, they could have been better. And while Budweiser’s Super Bowl commercials have seen plenty of positive feedback, their company is falling to brands such as Shock Top. Shock Top, however, has seen sales rising due to marketing both inside and outside the realm of Super Bowl ads. Overall Shock Top had the better advertisement.

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