Essay about Analysis Of The Story ' The Hit Man '

Essay about Analysis Of The Story ' The Hit Man '

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Its ironic how in the story ‘The Hit Man”, the main character whose name we do not know, was only hired once, that we know of, to do some killing. Throughout the story we get to visualize who he is through his actions rather than the details of his physical appearance besides the black hood he wears. The story makes many references to the way society views him. This story is structured in a chronological format of critical points in his life. Many events take place in which he ends up wasting someone because they wronged him in some way. We can all infer that T.C. Boyle means kills when he says wastes throughout the story. Why does the hitman kill anyone who does him wrong or that he doesn’t like? He doesn’t believe in giving people second chances. In the back of his mind, he believes people shouldn’t be given a second chance because people don’t change. Many of T.C. Boyle’s stories like this one have to do with major issues many of us face in society and throughout our lives. He writes his stories in a way we can all relate to or feel where the character is coming from. In this story “The Hit Man” it’s about the circle of life and how death can find its way to anyone. Death in this story is an actual person living life who kills people he runs into. You never know who you might be messing with.
During the Early Years of the hit man’s life we see him as a delinquent who is being bullied at school. We can’t tell whether to be bothered by him or feel sorry for him. He brands preschoolers with a lit cigarette. We can conclude that the hitman was smoking at a very young age creating a contradiction between a normal good preschooler and the child the hit man was. We get the idea that he isn’t going to be a good person. He faces many ...

... middle of paper ... His son is following in his father’s footsteps of taking over the business of death.
The whole story is based on real life situations. T.C. Boyles throws in a couple of humorous situations to make the story better. Throughout the story we get to see different interactions death has with diverse characters. Everyone in society today goes through some sort of problem. Death in this story isn’t represented as something bad but as something that is life. Life and death are both of the same roots, we all have a life cycle. The hit man kind of shows that everyone should enjoy as much personal freedom as possible, as long as it doesn’t compromise the freedom of others. He kills people that he feels do him wrong or are kind of a waste of space so to speak. Like other stories he has written this story hinges upon controversial topics people today face on a daily bases.

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