Essay Analysis Of The Story ' The Coffin Of Amontillado '

Essay Analysis Of The Story ' The Coffin Of Amontillado '

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In the short story The Casket of Amontillado, author Edger Allen Poe, takes the reader on a chilling tale of a man who murder a close friend out of revenge fifty years ago. Although the story is told as a flashback, it is obvious that Poe like all of his short stories, created the piece in a first person point of view (POV). Most will say Poe only created the piece as first person to add dramatic flair to his story. However, Poe could have chosen this POV as a way to express to the audience that all humans have a desire to enact revenge on the ones that have done them wrong. Poe also might have used The Casket of Amontillado, to express his hate for a fellow author that insulted his work.
As stated before, most of Poe’s short stories such as The Raven and The Tall Tale Heart are told in a first person point of view. He makes it clear to the audience that The Cask of Amontillado is being told through the eyes of one character and not the other characters in the short story. Poe also gives another form of evidence that can be used to prove that the story is told through first person POV, is the use of dialogue between the two main characters in the short story.
Poe has a constant use of using first person words such as me, us, and I. Poe also us in his text which is only allowed for writhing I first person point of view. One example that can be used for discovering what the POV is in the story is by reading the first sentence in the story.
“The thousand injuries of Fortunato I had borne as I best could, but when he ventured upon insult I vowed revenge. You so well know the nature of my soul, will not suppose, however, that I give utterance to a threat.” (p.226)
Poe makes it clear that his character Montresor, is the narrator in...

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...r this piece of fiction to frighten English and to warn him of what will happen to him if he continues to insult Poe’s work.
In the end, the main reason Poe could have written this piece in first point of view, might be a way to tell the audience that at times it is ok to want revenge when one feels it is necessary. Most people will not speak up when they feel they have been insulted especially if the one who insulted them is a friend. The message Poe might have been trying to get across to the audience in first POV is to show them what would happen if they exacted their revenge on the ones that did them wrong. The audience is meant to be able to put themselves in to the character’s shoes so to speak, writing the story in first person point of view is a way to so the audience the negative or positive outcome of what happens when vengeance is left in the wrong hands.

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