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Analysis of The Story of an Hour Essay example

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“The Story of an Hour” by Kate Chopin had a hidden story behind it, since reading it before I’ve been able to catch things I hadn’t before. I found taking a look at another reader’s perspective along with reading about the emotions, which another reader had caught on to. The purpose of this piece it to analyze the literary piece “The Story of an Hour” along with taking a look at other peoples analysis.

While reading “The Story of an Hour” the literary terms that I found very fitting with the piece were dialogue along with tone. I feel the dialogue in the story really made the story; “The Story of an Hour” showed the emotion of the sister and husbands friend of being supportive and respectful by coming to Louise to tell her of the death of her husband them selves. Then following the dialogue used when she sat and was speaking to herself, she showed joy. Joy seems to be an unexpected feeling for most but, she keep repeating “Free” because she felt with the death of her husband she was finally free to enjoy life. In the context it was clear that her husband was good to her, but she believe that all women and men oppress one another even if they do it out of kindness. Louise also knows she loved Brently but knows it doesn’t matter anymore compared to her newfound independence. Tone changed throughout the story, form a very sad and cold beginning to the feeling of warmth when she felt free. In the dialogue tone was shown in her words of excitement. Then suddenly changed and her heart sank when she saw him, ironically heart disease was her death. It was a disappointment to her when she praised for freedom, but I suppose she got what she wanted even though it was because of her husbands death, but rather her own. The statement that I f...

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...omething," readers naturally will speculate.

In conclusion I found that the different analysis of both of the authors of Kate Chopin work “The story of an hour” was eye opening. The fact that both pieces brought up very different points made me really think. Also it showed me that no matter how many times you read something you’ll miss out on a lot of pints other people see. Lastly I learned that looking deeper on one passage you could write a new understanding of what is trying to be felt or presented.

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