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Analysis Of The Story ' O ' Brien Essay examples

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serve you are going to be stuck with some men that are going to do everything to get out and not do their best. Serving your nation is something that you should take pride in, not be forced into. These men in The Things They Carried were forced to be there, and it showed. These men had to up and leave many things that meant the world to them. We have talked about all the emotions that these soldiers felt. Love, hurt, desire, mortality, loneliness, physical brutality, and many more. There is a point in the story where O’Brien talks about how lonely the men are, so lonely that Henry Dobbins would sleep with his girlfriend’s pantyhose on his face the way that an infant would sleep with a blanket (O’Brien 117). This is a sad image. Can you imagine seeing a full grown man with pantyhose on his face? This is heartbreaking. O’Brien states that this was Dobbin’s way of calming himself down. There is a way that O’Brien talks about having to carry all the sights and sounds that he saw with him every day, still to this day.
To this day there are many men and women that have to deal with the effects that war left on them. There are veterans that are not able to ride in a car in fear of having flashbacks. PTSD is a serious issue. Going along with the theme of The Things They Carried, these veterans have so many things that they have to carry with them on an everyday basis. Carrying the responsibility of killing another human being can weigh you down far more than carrying a large load physically. Within the everyday struggles of being a veteran there is always an element of hope. There is always hope within our country. In the story, O’Brien talks about the freedom ride home, and the glimmer of hope that they will get to return to their everyd...

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...of the weight will eventually go away, the other will not. These men were trained to be in the best physical health possible. This meant that they were able to carry as much as possible, so that they had everything they might need at every moment. The problem wasn’t that they struggled carrying these things, the struggle lied beneath the mental belongings. These men carried the memories of killing other human beings, the embarrassment of running from reality, the bodies of their team mates, and the nightmares that would last them a lifetime. Killing another human being is a burden that cannot be shaken away. The brutality of it is, these men will carry those things with them until the end of their life here on earth. Those kinds of “things” are things that cannot just be put down. These “things” are what cause murders and suicides. These are the things they carried.

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