Analysis Of The Story ' I Wish Father ' Essay

Analysis Of The Story ' I Wish Father ' Essay

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Carina peered at her mirror, absorbing her reflection. She wore her blonde locks loose and flowing, as was traditional, with a wreath of holly and ivy upon her curls. The royal blue gown, secured with a cream-colored sash around her waist, was stunning; the final product turned out far better than she might have hoped. She fingered the long, light bell sleeves that flowed gently from her elbow to her wrist, but her favorite part of the gown was the tiny, cream-colored beads that adorned the bodice and hem of the dress. She’d never seen anything so unique, and the ensemble made her feel like a royal, though she kept that thought to herself.
“I wish father was here to see us get married,” said Carina, looking at Joan’s reflection behind her. Drea and Alis had left the cottage just a short time ago.
“It is too bad he’s not able to be here. But he probably hasn’t even received your letter yet.”
That was true. It would be months or more before Carina’s father learned of her nuptials. Messages carried across the Narrow Channel and to the Byzantine Empire might take months and months to reach their intended recipients, if they ever made it at all.
“But once he hears,” added Joan, he’ll be thrilled. “I wish there was a way to capture your beauty right now and show him! If only I could paint.”
Carina and Joan giggled.
“Ulrich’s a wonderful man. I can’t wait for Father to meet him.”
“Speaking of Ulrich, I guarantee he will cry when he sees you. You are stunning. Are you ready?”
Carina turned from the mirror and faced Joan, who wore a simple, yet pretty light blue dress that skimmed her curves. “Before I forget, you look beautiful, too.”
Joan waved off Carina’s compliment and reached under the bed. “Wait, your flowers! I hid them here.”...

... middle of paper ...

... repeated with zeal.
John collected the chalice, and announced that Ulrich could kiss his new bride. Ulrich swept her into his arm and kissed her long and deep. The kept kissing and kissing to the sound of heart cheers.
While they continued kissing, John – appearing much more confident than he had at the start of the ceremony – said, “Bless Camelot, our new couple, and all present here. Now let the celebrations commence!”
Ulrich and Carina finally broke apart. As they walked down the chapel aisle holding hands, they traded a glance as they emerged from the building. Each blew out a long sigh and laughed.
“I am so glad that’s over!” Carina announced.
“Me, too!”
“Now it’s time for fun!”
Carina stood on tiptoe and kissed Ulrich again; however, this kiss did not linger, as they were swept up in a crowd of friends urging them toward the castle for the wedding feast.

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