Essay on Analysis Of The Story ' A Rouge Sociologist 's On The Streets '

Essay on Analysis Of The Story ' A Rouge Sociologist 's On The Streets '

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In the story of how “A Rouge Sociologist Takes to the Streets”, Sudhir Venkatesh finds himself in the projects of Chicago documenting his first hand experiences of his journey on how he is introduced to the black culture. Sudhir, a first year college student in the University of Chicago, decides to participate in a research project regarding “how young blacks were affected by specific neighborhood factors”, when he realizes how ineffective these questionnaires are, he decides to proceed in unconventional ways to retrieve his answers. Sudhir’s accumulated a growing fascination with the housing projects in Chicago the longer he spent in the community. Before long Sudhir had befriended a gang leader, by the name of J.T., who had given him a powerful insight concerning life in the Chicago project homes. Venkatesh became close with J.T., and the closer they became, the more J.T. allowed him to know more concerning the world in which he claimed to hold power and status of a law enforcer as well as protector. Sudhir soon came to understand how much of an impact the Black kings had on the Robert Taylor Project homes, but also took note of its negative impact on the community. Although J.T. held the largest amount the power in the Robert Taylor homes, Mrs. Bailey’s existence in these homes was just as influential. Mrs. Baily represented those who did not support the presence of the gang in Robert Taylor. Despite the people’s effort to be unaffiliated with the BK gang and their money, they found themselves yet still intertwined with the web of dirty money that ran through these housing projects. In more ways than one, Sudhir came to realize that the gang affiliation in these parts were more than just crimes, but a way of survival for the pe...

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... with crime and unmoral activity. This also takes into consideration the fact that due to this label they were denied police assistance, hospital care, jobs, and tenant care. Crime-infestation in the Robert Taylor homes can be better understood as a situation in which there can be multiple points of views. One can choose to see crime as the cause of a community lacking crucial necessities or the preexisting labels created by white communities concerning the Chicago Project homes.
In conclusion, Sudhir’s experiences lead him to believe that the preexisting problems in the community was something that he could not effortlessly change as an ethnographer. In “Gang Leader for a Day”, by Sudhir Venkatesh, racism and preexisting labels lead to less opportunities and higher crime rates which in turn caused the eventual demolition and failure of the Robert Taylor Homes.

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