Analysis Of ' The Spider ' By Christina Rossetti And Walt Whitman Essay

Analysis Of ' The Spider ' By Christina Rossetti And Walt Whitman Essay

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P1: The purpose of this paper is to apply critical theory to literary texts in order to reflect on the interaction between the English major and the human condition. “Seekers- Coming Home,” explores the similarities of style and content between two poems, “Uphill” by Christina Rossetti and Walt Whitman’s “The Spider,” taking a formalist approach. Although both poems are very different in form, most notably the rhyme scheme, they both discuss metaphysical aspects such as the human soul and life beyond death, reflecting on the human condition.
The poems “Uphill” by Christina Rossetti and Walt Whitman’s “The Spider” feature graceful imagery and poetic language, suggesting the hope and wonder that surround the mystery of the human soul. The form, the rhyme, and meter of the poem “Uphill” consistently set the mood for the overall theme. Similarly, Walt Whitman’s “A Noiseless Patient Spider” addresses the healing effect of hope on the human spirit. Parallel to “Uphill,” the imagery, symbolism, and figurative language construct a connection to the theme concerning the human soul.
Although the images by Whitman are loftier than the more grounded images of Rossetti’s poem, the messages are equivalent. Both poems aim to communicate ideas of metaphysical quality, using metaphors of human life on earth to show these concepts concerning life after death. The messages are promising, hopeful, and positive.

P2: The aim of this paper is to apply critical theory to literary texts that reflects diversity and cultural competence to promote fair and inclusive interactions in the workplace and the larger society. This critical paper is appropriate and reflective of diversity and cultural competence in the workplace and larger society because ...

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...ations such as marriage and motherhood. The mood and meaning found within the poem parallel Stevie Smith’s anxieties, reflective of the times in which women had to fight for equal acceptance in the workplace and at home.

P4.1: English as Discipline Essay.
P4.2: Personal Goals Essay.
P5: “‘Deeply Morbid’: Surrendering to Death, but not to Patriarchal Society.” This paper meets the program outcomes as it reflects on the human condition, presenting a feminist and historical criticism of Stevie Smith’s poem “Deeply Morbid.” It studies the themes of death and female emancipation between WWI and the 1960s. Professor Bernstein left a very helpful review, showing how the essay could be improved, and the draft, review, and final version are accessible to me. In addition, I think that I still have the advice from the Effective Writing Center in my email inbox.

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