Analysis Of ' The Sky ' By Nathan Lowndes

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The artwork, called Eyes in the Sky, was drawn by Nathan Lowndes. Featured in this artwork is a green dragon who is hovering in the clouds above a vast city. The dragon is on the left side of the drawing and appears to be wearing silver and gold armor. Clouds cloak the outer edges of the artwork as well as part of the dragon. The city takes up the rest of the artwork and is surrounded by mountains and forests. Trees are spread throughout the city and there is a canal system running through the center of the city. A few dragons can be seen flying below the green dragon 's wing in the background of the top center of the drawing. There is also a red dragon flying across the center circle of the city. Some roads in the city are straight, some curve, and some angle off. The city is also surrounded by a wall and connecting rivers. Visual elements that stand out in Eyes in the Sky are color, lines, texture, motion, and space. Colors used in the artwork are green, tan, and white, gold, silver, red, and blue. The color green is found on the dragon and within in the city with the grass and trees. Tan is on the canal system and roads. White can be found in the clouds, on some buildings, and in the center of the canal. Silver and gold make up the dragon 's armor. Gold is also used in the web of the dragon 's wings, and on his horns. The only spot of red is the dragon flying across the city 's center. Blue is mostly found in the rivers and the canal. There is also a small dark blue dragon flying below the green dragon 's wing in the top of the artwork. There is a mixture of curved, straight, thick and thin lines in the artwork. Curved lines are everywhere in the drawing: on the dragon 's wings, the city 's walls, the roads, the mountains, an... ... middle of paper ... ...d vastness caught my attention. Also, looking at the artwork, I saw a lot of the elements that were covered in class. The artwork expresses freedom in that the dragon can freely fly around, as well as responsibilities because his job is to defend the city. I love colors that contrast, and the vivid greens contrasting with the tan color give it an earthy look and seemingly brings the artwork to life. I like how Lowndes chose to do an aerial perspective, and makes the gap between the dragon and the city 's ground so vast. It really shows how high up he is in the sky; so high up that he is touching the clouds. I also like the expression on the dragon 's face because he looks serious, yet content. The green dragon reminds me of the cover of a book called The Fire Within by Chris d 'Lacey. This is because the dragon depicted in it is green and slightly resembles this one.

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