Analysis Of ' The Semplica Girl Diaries ' By George Saunders Essay

Analysis Of ' The Semplica Girl Diaries ' By George Saunders Essay

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Only through the eyes of the innocent will the world be seen as it is, not how it should be. So often we are driven by our desires to have the best and to be the best, that we lose sight of what we have become, of who we have become. Our main concern is the welfare of ourselves and that of our kin. As time progress and technology tests its limits, mankind will follow suit, however, where will we draw the line in losing touch with our humanity? In the short story written by George Saunders “The Semplica Girl Diaries”, it tells of a middle-class family of six in the near distant future that is making ends meet but strives to provide a more accommodating life whilst competing with a family that is well off. The story is told by the father as he writes in his diary, who upon winning ten thousand dollars from a scratch ticket throws his eldest daughter, Lilly, a grand birthday party and showers her with lavish presents. The most impressive being the Semplica Girls, which are four young ladies dangling above the pond with a microfiber line through their brain. However, having amassed such a fortune in a small amount of time, things take a turn for the worst when the Semplica Girls are released by his youngest daughter, Eva. All through the excitement of finally being able to do something nice and impressive for his family, the mother, father and eldest daughter lost sight of their humanity. For the sake of happiness for Lilly, the father threw an outlandishly expensive birthday party for her by installing SGs as lawn ornaments in their backyard. The consequences are never too far behind when you reach above your station and not all is in harmony with the change in status.
In the near distant future, SGs represent a form a status fo...

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...intelligent enough to realize they are more than lawn ornaments. Each SG comes from a different country, “Tami (Laos), Gwen (Moldova), Lisa (Somalia), Betty (Philippines)”, all coming from improvised countries hoping to provide a more stable life for their loved one’s back home. Eva is able to see the facts for what they are while her family and the Torinis simply view the SGs as objects.
It’s ok sometimes to get caught up in objects of affection, but how far should we push this limit? If we as humans don’t open our eyes to curtail our objectification of people and things. People continue to vie for attention by trying to one-up their friends, co-workers, and family members, without realizing they are losing touch with their humanity. The need for caring for others is transferred to objects. The currency, a symbol of wealth becomes the main focus of our lives.

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