Analysis Of ' The Screwtape Letters ' Essay

Analysis Of ' The Screwtape Letters ' Essay

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In C.S. Lewis’ The Screwtape Letters is about about two demons: Screwtape and Wormwood, who are guiding a human being referred as “the patient”. Lewis presents to the audience in his work numerous practical theological insights regarding the fight against the passions and the development of the virtues. In letters eight and nine both mainly discuss about the Law of Undulation. In the eighth letter. it discusses about what is the Law of Undulation itself and how God makes us serve this law. In the other hand, the ninth letter also discusses about the law, but it specifically explain how do we as the devils make use of this law.
At the beginning of the eighth letter, Wormwood has sent a letter to his uncle, Screwtape, in which Wormwood is moved by joy because he believes that “the patient” is beginning to lose his faith in religion. Then, Screwtape ridicules Wormwood for his assumption and brings in the concept of the Law of Undulation. Screwtape explains to Wormwood that humans are half physical and half spiritual which makes them bounce between the material and spiritual worlds. Therefore, the patient the demons are focused on is always moving between the pleasure and the displeasure with the material world such as the patient’s career, family, and other aspects of a human life. Screwtape’s point here is that although the patient can be miserable at times, that emotional state does not last for long. Therefore, Wormwood should not assume the patient is losing his faith in religion because that state of mind that the patient is, it could be temporary. Humans are like a wave; our emotions can change over time. One day we can be happy and the other can a different emotion. The reference of the wave itself consists of a serie...

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...tion. However, God created every pleasure that human beings can experience making it difficult for devils to create a form of pleasure that is separate from the ones that God has created. As a result, people are influenced by the devils to participate in the pleasures that God has created in ways that the Lord will discourage. Then, Screwtape introduces another way of attacking an individual’s faith; giving them a false view of Christianity while they are in their trough periods. If a person. who is discouraged turns to the Bible for direction, but they do not recover all of their happiness. In conclusion, the individual will transform their view of Christianity by coming to terms that Christianity is good, but only to certain point. Overall, Screwtape states that this view of Christianity that an individual takes on is equivalent of Christianity not existing at all.

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