Analysis Of `` The Scarlet Letter `` By Nathanial Hawthorne Essay

Analysis Of `` The Scarlet Letter `` By Nathanial Hawthorne Essay

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As time progresses, there are noticeable changes in the way that religion intervenes with the ideals and thoughts of any given general society. Numerous past problematic situations have now dwindled down to particularly that, no longer issues of the present. Regardless, the questionable issue of Adultery remains, standing true as consistently being the, “it,” scandal, being means for both religious and societal predicaments. Present to this day, the reputational damage done to an individual is massive, regarding Adultery, and people are left to decide what they can do about it, often left with very minimal choice but to accept or deny what they have done. Thus, by manipulating the clear-cut cross between reputation and religion, both the author of, The Crucible, Arthur Miller, and the author of, The Scarlet Letter, Nathanial Hawthorne, are able to successfully portray strong-willed, and rebellious protagonists as a method of showing the reader precisely how the overlapping of these ideals is the driving force behind typical standards of the Puritan New England society.
Each individual protagonist (or even antagonist, in the case of Abigail) is often subjected to an issue that will cause damage, either emotional, to reputation, or possibly even inflict physical harm. With any plot, it is crucial how the author manipulates the way that each character deals with said issues. In, The Crucible, John Proctor, a major character, is forced into consenting to the reputational damage being thrown upon him. His wife, Elizabeth, is cried out as being a witch by Abigail, whom John has an adulterous affair with. It is clear that John takes his reputation into account very seriously; in a fight with Elizabeth, he exclaims, “Woman, am I so bas...

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...tly be different. Both Hester Prynne and John Proctor are willed into rebelling against Puritan New England standards, as they do not know any better. Their spite for not accepting what happens to them is a massive controlling factor. However, where the reputational damage of adultery itself comes in, there is a distinct difference. While both Hester and Proctor allow for the damage to a religiously based extent, Hester completely accepts it, and lets the reputation become only hers, but Proctor only consents to it, as he is powerless if he was to loose his name. Thus, even though the injuries were different, both characters represent the importance of rebellion at a proper time, along with the ideal of acceptance, which determines how, when, and where a character will choose to do what they want, for their own often unpredictable reasons.

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