Essay on Analysis Of ' The 's ' Of The Night '

Essay on Analysis Of ' The 's ' Of The Night '

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Though tired and sleepy, Perceval’s thoughts wandered. They wandered to Joan, the woman who had filled his dreams for the past several months. He vividly pictured Joan in various positions, her luscious body on top of him, and the thought made him ache with need. But before he could allow the fantasy to take hold, he was drawn back into reality by Gawain’s bawdy comments.
“So, Perceval,” said Gawain loudly, as he settled into his own bedroll, “how are things with Joan. Did you convince her to share your bed yet?”
Several knights lying nearby hooted and hollered, awaiting Perceval’s answer.
“If I had, you certainly wouldn’t be the first to know,” countered Perceval, feeling more angry and stern than usual about Gawain’s inquiry.
Gawain sat up and stared at Perceval for a moment. “I say no. Because if you had got your hands on that beauty, and I mean really got your hands on her, you wouldn 't be able to keep it to yourself. I 'll bet she 'd be a real little fox in bed!”
With all of his fellow knights staring at him, awaiting a response, Perceval sighed. He didn 't want there to be the slightest doubt in anyone 's mind about Joan 's proper behavior.
“You 're right Gawain,” he conceded. “I haven 't. I hope that makes you happy.”
Gales of laughter erupted, along with jibes of “Poor Perceval, the virgin,” and, “I hope she goes easy on you when the time comes,” followed by, “If you 're not man enough, I 'll have a go with that sexy thing!”
It was all meant as harmless chaff; nonetheless, Perceval ground his teeth with frustration and cast his comrades dirty looks before lying back. Why couldn’t they leave him be? He heard Gawain inch his bedroll closer.
“Damn, you’re in love with her?” whispered Gawain.
Perceval gave his friend bri...

... middle of paper ...

...his substantial weight settled over her, pushing her hips into the forest floor as he filled her with passionate determination. Joan imagined him moving in and out of her with hard, fast strokes, and her toes curled when she envisioned how it would feel to have him pump away with enthusiasm as a thrilling orgasm washed over her. Of course in this scenario, he 'd also proclaim his undying love for her, and she felt a little foolish.
Even so, she allowed her hands to drift down between her legs and rub her sensitive spot over and over, all the while imagining it was his touch instead. Joan finally tensed, breath held for a moment, before panting out Perceval 's name as she reached her climax.
After taking several long deep breaths, she felt embarrassed. What would Perceval think of her engaging in such activity?
She didn’t know how she’d ever look him in the eye again.

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