Analysis Of The Poem ' Youngest Daughter ' Essay

Analysis Of The Poem ' Youngest Daughter ' Essay

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When women become mothers they love and protect their child. All mothers care about their children and always want the best for them. Children also rely on their mothers to take care of them and to love them. But when mothers become older sometimes they have to start relying on their children and their children start to take care of them. In “Youngest Daughter”, by Song a mother relies on her daughter to take care of her in her old age, but her daughter also relies on her for other things as well. In “Labor of Love”, by Tagami a mother and son must work together and care for each other during tough times. When it comes to being a mother or a child the roles can be reversible.
In “Youngest Daughter”, by Song the reader learns that the mother in this poem used to work in rice fields and is now very old. Then the reader finds out that the youngest of the daughters has been given the responsibility to take care of her aging mother. She dislikes taking care of her mother all day because she feels trapped inside her house. Young says “The sky had been dark for many years. My skin has become damp and pale as rice paper.” (1-4) She has been trapped in her house for so long that her skin is becoming damp from the lack of sun. She is starting to resent her mother because she is the reason she is not out living her life how she pleases. Young says “She knows I am not to be trusted, even now planning my escape.” (44-45) All she wants to do is leave her house and she dreams of ways of escaping. Maybe even just waiting for her mother to pass away.

Even though the young daughter dislikes taking care of her mother, she also enjoys when her mother takes care of her. Young says “Mother has been massaging the left side of my face especially...

... middle of paper ...

... her. She wishes though that her mother could be taken care of and she could go live her life freely. In “Labor of Love” the son wants to care for his mother and wants to spend time with her. He enjoys spending his days in the orchid singing and picking apples with his mother. The young girl doesn 't’ like spending time with her mother and the son does. They both take care of their parents in different ways. The parents also take care of them in certain ways too. The mother in “Youngest Daughter” fed her daughter and massaged her face when she didn’t feel well. The mother in “Labor of Love” enjoys singing and working with her son. In that way she is taking care of him by being by his side and showing that she loves him. So mothers and children can have very different relationships, but in the end they always love each other and are willing to take care of one another.

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