Analysis Of The Poem ' Whoso List Of Hunt ' By Thomas Wyatt Essay

Analysis Of The Poem ' Whoso List Of Hunt ' By Thomas Wyatt Essay

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Whoso List to Analyze
In Thomas Wyatt’s “Whoso List to Hunt,” the poetic trope of unrequited love is embodied, as well as the Petrarchan sonnet structure perfected. The thesis of this poem is presented directly in the very first line, where Wyatt relinquishes his fight to capture the doe by announcing that he knows exactly where to find her in case others see themselves more determined or competent than he. Wyatt is exhausted. The doe is coveted. The poem exemplifies the Petrarchan sonnet structure by clearly separating the confused, unresolved octave from the concluding sestet.
Within the first eight lines, the poet asserts his desire, yet inability, to capture a deer. Wyatt highlights the deer’s femininity by making the word “hind” an unstressed syllable. This poem is written in iambic pentameter. It is simply too exhausting and futile for the speaker to continue chasing after her, but his passions nearly override his mental state. He is “wearied,” “sore,” and “fainting,” but she is intrinsically magnetizing. Wyatt has no other option than to just drop out of the race. The final ...

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