Analysis Of The Poem ' Walden Pond ' Essay

Analysis Of The Poem ' Walden Pond ' Essay

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Henry David Thoreau was a writer who kept a detailing of his life at Walden Pond, entitled “Walden”. He recorded his limited interactions with others and his own achievement of becoming one with nature. Thoreau recognized the beauty in nature and how it is linked with a spiritual need. He used various mythology references when describing nature. This led me to infer that he saw nature as that of a god or perhaps having divine characteristics. One of his lines that most stands out to me about this is where he says “the morning wind forever blows, the poem of creation is uninterrupted”. Among other lines we can see where he reasons that nature is a spiritual connection that many do not notice. He goes on to point this out in the end of that sentence: “but few are the ears that hear it.”
If we pay attention long enough in the breezes of the wind or even the twinkling of the stars we can see or feel God’s presence. Thoreau’s work was not centered on God or religious beliefs, but I can find meaning in his practices of living simply in nature by referring it to God’s presence. Thoreau used personification in his writing about nature, such as the wind, the pond, and the sun, to demonstrate how it has its own mind, as if it were a person. To me, this just signifies how nature is controlled by God. We can take certainty in this by realizing that the same breezes can turn into ireful tornadoes, or that the same twinkling stars we see, once fell down upon earth and destroyed the dinosaurs. Of course, all of this natural events can be fatal and catastrophic but it brings a light upon us to see just how small we are and how easily destructible. None the less, it is through these means that we can perhaps most easily greet God’s presence. The ...

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...ity to be so engaged in the social circle. It gets exhausting trying to be at all the gatherings, getting involved in activities, and partaking in social media. Even though as a society we tire of the constant movement in our communities, we often do not withdraw ourselves from the suffocating social routine. I have often found myself thinking that I should take a trip or go stay at another city to be alone and relax from all the annoyance of society. What holds me back? Being alone is a scary thought. But what joy I experience when the wind blows over the water that your feet are in when sitting on pier. Or the joy of being in a lake fishing, with your thoughts. I find it that the stuff that worries me the most, does not seem as catastrophic when immersed in the greenery of the woods. If only one had the courage to live alone, I’m sure life would seem much simpler.

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