Analysis Of The Poem ' Unwanted By Edward Field ' Essay

Analysis Of The Poem ' Unwanted By Edward Field ' Essay

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Poetry has a way of making us feel every range of emotion, in some cases better than other forms of entertainment. Unlike a novel, which gives a wide field of vision on any subject, poems have a more focused look mostly on the raw emotion of any one topic. Understanding poetry is an art onto itself, to be able to peel back the words and feel the emotions within them is truly its own work. Harder yet is the ability to dissect and explain these ideas to another person (in this case through an essay)and have them feel and see the poem and the topic it brings to light in the same way that you do. The poem that we will explore is powerful and thought provoking, because it brings the ugly subject of oppression to the front of your mind and forces you to engage in a conversation that you have no control over. It makes you feel hopeless and angry at the same time. In the poem Unwanted by Edward Field we are going to explore the parts of the poem but mainly we will focus on its theme and cultural context and how it relates to the morality of society.
This poem has a theme is that of the conversation between the “unwanted” person and the oppressed and society simple not saying a word and refusing to see what he sees (relating to the “unwanted” person). It askes a hidden question of blame, in that who is to blame for the forgotten. Is it the forgotten themselves or is society to blame for forgetting in the first place. “I stand by it hoping to be recognized, Posing first full face and then profile” (Field). This person wants desperately to be noticed and wanted in society, “But everybody passes by” (Field). No matter what this person does he is overlooked and made to feel small. Think about this, how many people on the street feel this? It’...

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...uld show society that they are leaving him behind. With the simple act of noticing him it would force society to see that they are oppressing him and forcing him to live the way that he does continuing his oppression.
Throughout this writing we have looked at the poems theme and its cultural context. Its theme being the conversation between the oppressed people and society, which leads to its cultural context being the treatment or feelings of the oppressed people throughout society. All of this is shown through how we morally respond to the claims of the “unwanted” man, with silence showing that we as society do not want to hear the cries for help from those we oppressed and that we do not even want to acknowledge that there is even any oppression happening. So as a society will we notice this “unwanted” man, or we continue on the same path and simply pass him by.

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