Essay Analysis Of The Poem ' Those Winter Sundays '

Essay Analysis Of The Poem ' Those Winter Sundays '

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In “Those Winter Sundays,” a man bring to attention the remembrance of his father, how his father demonstrated love to him through is behavior. Precisely, the speaker recalls that his father wakes up early on Sunday morning to light up the furnace fire and also wake his son up to dress up when the house is a little bit warm. The speaker’s father make it one of his duties to polish his son’s shoe to go to church, teaching his son that he is very interested in his moral upbringing. The word “Chronic angers” in line nine put to mind the pictures of how the speaker’s father is a good and hardworking man. And “Then with cracked hands that ached, from labor in the weekday weather made banked fires blaze” in line three, four and five talks of how the speaker’s father goes out every day to do physical work. But the speaker regrets that he did not take his time to appreciate his father for all the sacrifices he made.

Those Winter Sundays
The poem “Those Winter Sundays” talks about the love a father has for his son. The father makes an endeavor to do his duties as a father to his son, even during the vigorous time of the season. The father of the speaker being a good father only wakes up his son only when the room is heated up. Despite the fact that his hand is in bad shape due to the physical work he does during the week, he still wakes up very early to polish the good shoes of his son to go to church. The moral upbringing of his son is very important to him, so he focuses more on his son moral values by teaching him moral manners. However, the father of the speaker was never appreciated for all his hard work, love and sacrifices.
The word “Too” (Roberts line 1), shows that the man work every day including Sunday without resting. The f...

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.... After some much stress at work, the speaker’s father comes to his house drunk and very happy to start a dance called waltz with his son in the kitchen, thereby making the pots and pans to fly everywhere, which get the mother angry “My mother’s countenance could not unfrown itself” (Theodore line 7 and 8). While in the poem “Those Winter Sundays” the son did not felt loved and cared for by his father, because his inexperience did not allow him to see the sacrifice his father made for him. In “Those Winter Sundays” The father of the speaker is an example of love, because he show his love to his son by lighting the furnace fire, which mean that he is lighting the fire of love for his son and the entire member of the family living in the house. The warmth that the lighting of the coal of fire brought to the family is a warmth of love that transmit throughout the house.

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