Analysis Of The Poem ' The Young Man ' Essay

Analysis Of The Poem ' The Young Man ' Essay

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When you are standing in front of the ocean, do you find yourself lonely? Literally, you are not. Scientists believe that there are more than 1 million species in the ocean. Although you cannot see them when you are standing in front of the ocean; it doesn’t mean there are none. In Neradu’s poem, the young man finds himself lonely until he is awakened by the ocean, and make a change. He is not independent anymore because he is one of the tons of wave in the sea and who are going to join the “sea”. Neradu uses structure, sound, and metaphoric language to compose a poem that tells the story of a young man who is awakened by the wave of the sea and realizes that he is part of “movement”.
The structure of the poem is indicative and articulate. It captures the movement of the waves in three stanzas. There are three different ideas that the writer wants to bring out in the poem. The first and the second stanzas are about the same length. In the first stanza, it is about what is the feeling of the writer toward the sea. Then, the second he compares things that gigantic and tiny to give the reader an image of the scale of a young man and the sea. Moreover, the third stanza, which is the longest one, he shares his spiritual changes in his life. The length of each stanza is quite even too, so when you read through the poem, it sounds very fluent and balance. Throughout the poem, there is a lot of pauses, which is presented by a comma. For example, in the first stanza, “I don’t know if I learn music or awareness, if it’s a single wave or its vast existence,” It gives you a feeling of the movement of the wave, it moves forward to the shoreline; it splashes, then go back to the middle of the sea. The pause in between lines is like the waiting ...

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...ion in the line; “replaced my world in which were growing” From the word, “replaced” we know that the young man has finally realized he is not lonely because he belongs to the society, just like he is not the single wave in the ocean; there are a lot to come along after him continuously.
I love this poem because I did not know the waves of the sea could be reflected on me. Through the structure, sound, and the metaphoric language. I realize that even though I am alone, I am not lonely because I belong to the society around me. Also, even though I am a tiny little person like an ant compared to the whole world, I still part of it, because of the connection that I have with other people. To me, the sea is a guy who I can share my burden with, he is my healer as always, he teaches me; he comforts me, and remind me that I am one of the movement, therefore I am not alone.

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