Analysis Of The Poem ' The Piano ' Essay

Analysis Of The Poem ' The Piano ' Essay

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I feel lost in the million trails of this mountain. Seeing the beautiful moonlight as it drifts away like a butterfly. Wishing, I could play the piano keys again. Memories of my childhood, coming back to haunt me. But yet, here I am, lost in this wilderness. This short poem I wrote when I was in high school. I was going through a lot of family problems my brother had cancer, and my younger sister was going through depression. I turned to poetry to hide away the pain that I was feeling. In poetry there are several genres, but the three main ones are lyric, narrative and dramatic.
First of all, in poetry, lyric is an emotional writing that focuses on your thoughts and emotions. It can also be like a song-like quality. In lyric it is made up of two subdivisions that contain elegy and sonnet to make the poem stronger. An elegy is a poem that contains of mourning or reflection on the death of an individual. A sonnet or Ode is a serious or thoughtful poem. Some poetries that wrote this type of poetry are Edmund Walker and William Shakespeare.
An interesting poem is by Robert Burns “A Red, Red Rose”, it talks about him moving away to a different state miles away and wanting to take his beloved, but his father did not approve of him leaving. He was leaving his hometown to go to the United States for a better life. In the end of the poem he promises that he will come back for her even if they have to be apart for a while. This poem relates to me because I am in a long distance relationship. People say distance can be an issue in a relationship and it can but when there is love between two people anything is possible. Eventually, we will be together one day and this also tells us that no matter the distance or the circumstance when two p...

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... and he ends up killing himself as well. This later brought the families together and put aside their differences. In this poem it tells us that love is really stronger than anything in this planet.
In conclusion, there are several genes in poetry such as lyric, narrative, and dramatic. Poetry can really be an open door to many things. To me it opened a door to hide from the outside world and escape into the many words these writers wrote whether it was about the sadness and tragedy to love and happiness. It can also help us take out emotions and create it into something more than just words on a piece of paper. I feel lost in the million trails of this mountain. Seeing the beautiful moonlight as it drifts away like a butterfly. Wishing, I could play the piano keys again. Memories of my childhood, coming back to haunt me. But yet, here I am, lost in this wilderness.

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