Analysis Of The Poem ' The Lottery ' Essay

Analysis Of The Poem ' The Lottery ' Essay

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Love and death; one is hated and avoided by everyone because of its painful truth while the other is adored and sought after because of its sugarcoated lie. Neither can be avoided or talked about lightly yet there are so many stories and poems written about both of these polar opposites that it is hard to get a grasp on reality. The short story The Lottery by Shirley Jackson, The Story of an Hour by Kate Chopin, and the poem Ballad of Birmingham by Dudley Randall all represent love and death going hand in hand.
The Lottery first starts out as a community coming together to follow blindly a tradition that has been around for years. At first the tone seems to be exciting with a sense of calmness and the story doesn’t seem to be anything that could be detrimental happening. As the story goes on, we meet the main character in our story, Tessie Hutchinson, who meets up with her loving family and seems to be a favorite in the community. Tessie shows great love while trying to protect her family from drawing the slip of paper with the black dot on it. While we still don’t know what the paper means for the person that draws it, you can tell that this “lottery” is not your normal pick-and-win drawing. Tessie tries to defend her family by crying out “You didn’t give him time enough to take any paper he wanted. I saw you. It wasn’t fair!” This is showing a commitment of love to her family by trying to stand up to a tradition that she knows the rules to very well. After all the Hutchinson’s have drawn and opened their slips of paper, the one with the black dot is considered the “winner” of the lottery. Tessie happens to have the slip of paper with the black dot and what comes next shocks all readers; Tessie is chosen to be stoned to death. T...

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...showing the love that she had for her little girl. “But that smile was the last smile to come upon her face.” In the seventh stanza is when havoc begins with the sounds of explosions. The mother runs down the streets of Birmingham looking for her lost child. Here we see final stanza radiating with death. The mother of the little child cannot be found therefore; we have to make the conclusion that the child is no longer with the mother.
The emotions that come with love and death are overwhelming. We see love and death happening every single day whether we want to avoid it or not. The joy that comes from love and the sorrow that comes from death happens inside of all of us. The short stories The Lottery and The Story of an Hour, along with the poem Ballad of Birmingham, all show how easily love and death can come and go out of our lives when we are least expecting it.

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