Analysis Of The Poem ' The ' By William Cullen Bryant Essay

Analysis Of The Poem ' The ' By William Cullen Bryant Essay

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In “Thanatopsis” written by William Cullen Bryant and “Poems #479 because I could not stop for Death” written by Emily Dickinson they both show an extremely solid theme in their poems. Both poems revolved around death. William Cullen Bryant wrote “Thanatopsis” in 1811. Even though the themes in “Thanatopsis” is center entirely on death. The mood in the story is slightly joyful and uplifting in numerous ways. Emily Dickinson wrote “Poems #479” in 1890. The people in William Cullen Bryant and Emily Dickinson live had a huge impact on their career in poetry.
The themes in "Thanatopsis" center completely on death, but the temper is somewhat joyful and enriching. Bryant doesn 't look at decease as something to fear. He examines it as a natural, and unavoidable, part of human existence. The poem focuses on the significance nature pieces in the role of death. Emily Dickinson’s poems deal with death again and again, and it is never the same in any poem. In “Because I could not stop for Death—,” we see death characterized. He is not terrifying, or even threatening, but a civil and gentle guide, leading her to infinity. The speaker feels no type of fear when Death picks her up in his presence; she just sees it as an act of compassion, as she was too busy to find time for him. These two stores tie well together because the author goal in both stories is to in tune the reader on how death is seen. Both author present death different but the meanings are similar.
Emily Dickinson shows death in the poem "Because I Could Not Stop for Death" through the characterization and the use of numerous metaphors. William Cullen Bryant presents death through the use of the relations in the poem "Thanatopsis." Although each poet sees death in a different ...

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... gladness” and an “eloquence of beauty.” Last Bryant main goal seems to want to ease the reader on the emotional pain with death. He wants us to feel comfort knowing that every person will eventually come to a stage of their life where they do not exist. At the end of the poem (Bryant: 83) he states, “pleasant dreams” which means he wants death to wonder thru are minds at all times.
With death, No one knows exactly what happens, no one knows exactly when it will happen. You can only use your imagination with such a concept. Emily Dickinson and William Cullen Bryant used their beliefs, religion, imagination, and their talented writing skills to voice their belief. The reason of these poems is to present to us the poets fear of death. Death is going to happen to everyone no matter if it’s God 's will or nature 's. The strongest will survive and the rest will despair.

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