Analysis Of The Poem ' Summer ' Essay

Analysis Of The Poem ' Summer ' Essay

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Cortney Harris
English 101
November 19, 2014
American Poet, Edna St. Vincent Millay, once said, “I know I am but summer to you heart, and not the full four seasons of the year.” Summer is the point in the year where one is free to act however one may feel. When one can have that of childlike behavior and leave it behind once the season ends. David Updike’s “Summer” depicts a young boy, Homer, on a summer vacation who soon discovers his feelings for Fred’s sister, Sandra, but fears she does not feel the same. On the other hand, Susan Minot’s “Lust” portrays a young girl who is searching for love with a variety of guys. According to Merriam Webster, the word “Love” means “a feeling of strong or constant affection for a person, but “Lust” means “a strong feeling of sexual desire or a strong desire for something.” “Summer” and “Lust” are two stories that show both ways women venture with a young man’s feelings and how they choose to exploit them, also.
Young girls are, in most cases, looking to catch the eyes of many young men in the summer. In other cases, young girls are only looking to enjoy their summer; nothing more, nothing less. The narrator in “Lust” falls with the group of girls looking to catch eyes and possibly turn heads. She does not care what others think of her and she looks down upon those who do not fulfill what she thinks a guy needs. "I hate those girls who push away a boy 's face as if she were made out of Ivory soap, as if she 's much greater than she is"(14). One may feel that the ivory soap symbolizes a girl who has not had sex. In addition to the different groups of young women, there is also a group of young men hoping to achieve the same goals as the girls. However, Homer does not look at Sandra a...

... middle of paper ... Their blank look tells you that the girl they were fucking is not there anymore. You seem to have disappeared”(17). Homer, on the other hand, is the one searching for love with a young girl. He spends his entire summer hoping to capture the heart of Sandra. He realizes the feeling is mutual at the end of the story when she touches her foot to his back “accidentally”, but does not move. “It was only then, in the presence of the family, that he realized she was his accomplice, and that, though this was as far as it would ever go, his love has been returned”(363). Which brings both summers to an end.
Significantly, summers are still spent this way today; Girls wanting to catch the eyes of many guys while the guys are only searching for that one thing, sex. One may argue that these main character’s, somewhat, are looking for the same thing, just in different ways.

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