Essay on Analysis Of The Poem ' Second World Dance '

Essay on Analysis Of The Poem ' Second World Dance '

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Second World Dance Paper
For my second World Dance Paper I attended a Celtic dance class here in Denton. The Denton Celtic Dancers community meets every Sunday evening and everyone is welcome. Beginners are encouraged to come an hour early to observe the more advance dancers. The Celtic dance comes from Ireland. I feel like the Irish people found a meaning to life through dancing. When times were tough, I feel like they turned to dancing. Dancing is always a good way to forget about the negative things that go on around everyone. From my understanding, Celtic dancing is very popular in Seattle, Washington. One of the dancers told me how there is a ball in Seattle every month. I really did not know what to expect when I decided to attend this class. I really did not know much about the Irish culture, other than what we had learned in my Dance and Globalization class. Before attending this Celtic dance class, I talked to one of my classmates that had previously attended the class. From what she told me, the class was really fun and the people were super nice. I am really happy I attended this event because I learned so much in such a short period of time.
Since I wanted to get a glimpse of what the class was all about, I got there an hour before the beginner’s class started so I could watch the advance dancers. Most of the dances they performed were fast paced. At the beginning of each dance the men would bow and the women would curtsey. I noticed how everyone’s toes were always pointed and their knees were bent. Most of the movements were done with the lower body. There was a lot of kicking and tapping involved. The toe-heel was really rapid. Everyone looked so focused while doing this dance. The upper body was kept still with the...

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...the differences between the dancers and me is that they were much older and danced as a past time. I wanted to learn more about the Celtic dance so I attended this class, but that does not mean I will keep attending it like these dancers. I really enjoyed talking to the dancers, but I feel like I am not as passionate about this dance as these older dancers are. I feel like these classes are meaningful to the dancers because it allows them to meet new people and have fun. I feel like it’s a way for some of the dancers to connect to their culture. This is just like the Salsa lady who said that Salsa was a way of connecting with her culture, which she felt so distant from. I feel like if I wanted to, I could keep going back because everyone there was so nice. The dancers did not judge the way I danced. I feel like they cared more about me having fun than anything else.

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