Analysis Of The Poem ' Rime Of The Ancient Mariner ' Essay examples

Analysis Of The Poem ' Rime Of The Ancient Mariner ' Essay examples

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I did feel like watching Pirate of the Caribbean today, but instead decided on a delightful tale of death, despair, and the eternal suffering of penance that every 19th century Christian underwent. This is “Rime of the Ancient Mariner”, Coleridge’s poem that kickstarted the basics of Romantic literature. This writing is about an old man’s tale of woe on a doomed ship and the endurance of his own punishment that he must account for. It has all the tropes: imagery of nature, the deep sense of history, sin and punishment, allusions to Christianity, and much more! Of course, what Coleridge brings up that influences the most in this genre is the theme of the relationship and interaction between man and nature, in which he tells that the natural world is to be appreciated and respected, all the while using a many supernatural elements to the tale. The message of this lyrical ballad is that man, no matter how independent they think they are, must respect all of nature and God’s creations to avoid committing sin, and is a theme that prevails today in the same way this message had influenced literature up to modern day, all because of a new writing style that Coleridge utilizes into the poem.
Coleridge brings up many things that make up the message to this tale. They involve the respect for nature, but mostly on the subject of sin and redemption, the Mariner’s wrongdoing and all that penance the Mariner must endure to learn this fact. All the while Coleridge uses metaphoric imagery and stylistic phrasing to shape the world and mood that changes in correspondence of each part of the Mariner’s journey. A major symbol that sticks out the most is the albatross, as the Mariner must wear its corpse after his action, signifying the sin to bear....

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...onal language and details to help gain feeling and depth into the story. In this way, the themes can be developed in progression and revealed than to just stand out the entire time; an individualistic perspective that is about an individual becoming aware. Not only have old tales of woe, ghostly ships, and curses of immortality been influenced into expected tropes by Coleridge’s tale; not only has Coleridge established traditional elements of Romanticism that involve the sublimity of both man and nature; but Coleridge brought upon closer detail to the individual with imaged descriptions and greater focus on subjective experience that is reflected upon by the protagonist, which is probably one of the greater influences this poem made towards English literature. I mean, Mary Shelley was a big fan of Coleridge’s work, especially “The Rime”, so that says something there.

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