Analysis Of The Poem ' Revenge ' By Edgar Allan Poe

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The many injuries of Fortunato I had taken as I best could, but when I ventured upon insult I vowed revenge (Poe, 226). Throughout the story one thing compelled Montresor to commit his crime and carry out his actions. Montresor’s revengeful personality is portrayed throughout the story by his actions and choices. His fixation on vengeance drives him to commit this perfect plan. The retribution for Fortunato’s actions are made very clear within the beginning of the story and are clear cut in Montresor’s mind. Poe uses symbolism, irony, character, and narrative perspective within the story to relay the main theme of revenge. In this story Poe uses symbolism heavily throughout the story to relate it back to revenge. The motto and crest of the Montresor family represents his true intentions and his plans with Fortunato. Montresor shares his coat of arms “A huge human foot of gold, in a field azure; the foot crushes a serpent rampant whose fangs are imbedded in the heel” (Poe, 228). In this context Montresor is the snake who has been stepped on and betrayed by the human. In return Montresor seeks retribution for this wrong doing which represents the snake biting the heel. This also ties into the family motto that is stated within the text. Montresor relays the family motto “No one attacks me without paying dearly.” (Poe, 228). This represents Montresor’s calculated plan that he carries out and foreshadows the unfortunate ending of the story. This presents the idea if the family motto and coat of arms is real or is it just a figment of Montresor’s twisted mind to hint Fortunato of his dark calculated plan. Poe used imagery throughout the story to set the revengeful mood in this gothic tale. Imagery is used primarily in the catacombs... ... middle of paper ... ...tunato is similar to fortunate, which would lead us to believe he has good fortune or lived a good life. In this case the opposite is true and Fortunato is subjected to death in a very unfortunate way. The Cask of Amontillado was a powerful tale of biased revenge and calculated murder. Poe captivates us in this chilling murder mystery using imagery, symbolism, narrative perspective, character, and irony in this work. Poe’s use of an unreliable narrator shows us the story from an unstable standpoint and from a distorted perspective. This makes this story more suspenseful and ominous and really shows us the thoughts and actions of our narrator. All of Montresor’s thoughts and actions have ulterior motives that strive off of this infatuation with revenge. Poe’s skillful writing shows us this underlying theme of revenge with every paragraph in the text.

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