Analysis Of The Poem ' Phenomenal Woman ' By Maya Angelou Essays

Analysis Of The Poem ' Phenomenal Woman ' By Maya Angelou Essays

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Society creates the thought of what makes an ideal woman; however, Maya Angelou shows us what truly makes an authentic woman in her poem, “Phenomenal Woman.” The word “Phenomenal” is defined as something that is magnificent, remarkable, breathtaking, as well as extraordinary. This poem illustrates confidence and beauty from within, instead of the conventional view that society tends to have, which only focuses on the appearance. She shows how to acknowledge womanhood. One is able to appreciate the poem, even further, by analyzing many of the poetry elements that Maya Angelou illustrates, such as imagery, tone, and diction.
Tone helps set the attitude of a poem that a poet is trying to portray on a specific subject (Kriszner et al. 245). The tone of this poem is celebratory, proud, and confident. One is able to deduce this by paying close attention to the title. Paying attention to the title gives one a hint what this poem may bring and what kind of tone is to be expected. When one hears the word “phenomenal” one instantly assumes of something eye catching and unique. This word is a positive word, rather than a negative word like horrid. In stanza three the attitude of the speaker is competent. The speaker is confident by the way she dresses, walks and talks, “the grace of my style” (Angelou). She is confident in the way she responds and does things, and sees it as a form of elegance and beauty. Her self-assurance and bold attitude is demonstrated when she says,
I’m a woman
Phenomenal woman
That’s me. (Angelou)
The speaker has no shame to express her voice in what she truly believes in and who she is and shares it with others, specifically toward women, to acknowledge their womanhood. This brings a powerful positi...

... middle of paper ...

...ry, one is not able to fully experience Angelou’s poem.
Recognizing the kind of poetry helps depict the elements that are brought into a poem. “Phenomenal Woman” is a lyrical poem. Lyric poets take various forms in this case it is an occasional poem (Kriszner et al. 424). When a poet is writing an occasional poem, it is written to celebrate an occasion or an event (Kriszner et al. 424). By knowing this one can appreciate the theme of “Phenomenal Woman.” Maya Angelou wrote this poem to appreciate all kinds of women. Society tends to be close minded when recognizing true beauty. They have an ideal picture of it. This can affect many young girls today. However, this poem is a celebratory poem that appreciates all women of all colors, sizes, and shapes. It recognizes true beauty from within and shows how beautiful a woman truly is when she is confident in her own skin.

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