Analysis Of The Poem ' Mill ' Essay

Analysis Of The Poem ' Mill ' Essay

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Mill Ave

 I walk down Mill on a Saturday Night. Although it did not seem as though it was night. I look up to see the lights glaring back at me from the street corners and the countless flashing bar signs. I squint as I walk. Watching my surroundings.

 The man clothed in rags sitting on the side of the street stares as I walk by. His eyes have an element of gloominess to them. We make eye-contact, I slyly turn my head, and pursue on. Still thinking about the man I hear change jingle in my wallet. “I should have given it to him,” I think.

 A cluster of women exit one of the many bars in front of me. Their heels hit the concrete creating a loud, repetitive, clicking sound. This repetitive sound has rhythm. 5, 6, 7, 8 and the music starts. The spotlight shines. The show begins.

 Walking onto stage was always intimidating. Hot lights, prospecting fans, and proud parents all stare as you slowly file into position. We were always told to have a facial expression even though our heads faced the floor. I concentrated on that floor with every ounce of my body, took a deep breath in, 5, 6, 7, 8, and my mind was suddenly blank.

 A mysterious dark car pulls up next to me. I turn to see the Uber sticker in the front window as a large group of people (party people) step out. They are dressed for a night out. Whether it be a dinner, a bar, or the club. The women are dressed nicer than the men. They wear heals and skirts or dresses, while the men are looking very casual wearing jeans or even shorts with a large variety of run of the mill shoes. They continue on as well as the Uber driver, going in different directions.

 I read somewhere that every single decision you have made has lead you to this exact moment. In other words, if ...

... middle of paper ...

...m off beat but my body knows what it is doing. I gaze higher as my eyes begin to squint. The stage lights peer back at me much harsher than the man’s. As the music continues, I continue. In sync with everyone around me. We are all headed in the same direction but all coming from different places. I lock eyes with my best friend. She gives me a quick smile and a head-nod as I take center stage. I take a deep breath in and my body begins to move faster than before. I am no longer breathing. My eyes appear to be open but I see nothing. I can hear my family cheering. That is how I know I am in the clear. That is how I know it is over. I have taken my steps and I made it to the other side. I finally breathe. It was a deep breath that consumed my whole body. The music stops. It does not fade. It does not slow. It simply stops. As to I. As does my body. As does my breath.

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