Analysis Of The Poem ' Looking For Me ' Essay

Analysis Of The Poem ' Looking For Me ' Essay

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From the dark, came a familiar voice.
"Looking for me?" LJ turned as he heard a voice and saw Andy wheeling out of the shadows.
"Andy, you 're OK." LJ grinned.
"So I see you changed your mind, I 'm glad you 're here,” Andy said with a sparkle in his eyes.
"You find anything?" LJ asked curiously.
"Matter of fact, I did; a purse belonging to Mrs. Patterson,” Andy answered.
"You don 't think she was mugged, then killed do you?" LJ asked.
"I don 't think so; I think it was another motive. Listen, I 'm going to take this piece of evidence back to my office and go through it some more. You want to come along or swing by in the morning?" Andy asked.
Just then LJ remembered Simone. "Nah, Andy, not tonight, I 'll meet up with you in the morning," LJ replied.
"OK partner. I 'll let you know what I come up with first thing in the morning," Andy said as he wheeled out of the alley. LJ made his way back to Ricky’s and waited until Simone was ready to go.
As he was walking Simone home, he felt something… a good feeling. For the first time in his life he felt complete. He was playing his music and getting paid for it. The crowd at Ricky 's House of Blues loved his music. He had a new friend in Andy and was helping Andy achieve his own dream. Now he was walking side by side with a beautiful woman who seemed to care about him.
"It 's a beautiful night, Simone. Something about you and the stars makes the night very sweet,” LJ said like a poet which made Simone blush even more. She couldn 't help but to cling to his arm, which sent chills up and down LJ 's spine.
"Simone, when is your next day off?" LJ asked.
"I have this weekend off, why?" She asked, knowing th...

... middle of paper ...

... "Man you have really done your homework!" LJ smirked.
"Now getting a confession is a different story. I am not good with intimidation, interrogation or the third degree method and I get the feeling that you aren’t either. So there must be another way,” Andy said.
LJ thought about it for a moment;
"Andy, what are the two buildings, on either side of Pinball Alley?" He asked.
"Hmm, you got an abandoned warehouse and Francis Jewelers. What are you getting at LJ?" Andy asked.
"You don 't think that they would have surveillance cameras in the alley would you?" LJ asked.
"Very good, LJ; Hmmm, three days with me and I 'm already starting to rub off on you. This means we have to find out if they still have the camera footage from three months ago. Come on we haven 't much time!" Andy said in a rush shutting down his computers.

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