Essay on Analysis Of The Poem ' Icicles '

Essay on Analysis Of The Poem ' Icicles '

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Journal # 9: “Icicles”
This poem is written entirely of images describing icicles and the son 's reaction to them. When we first see the icicles frozen and suspended from the railing and shown in their different shapes and sizes by the way they collected and reflected light. We can hear the sounds of the icicles breaking off as the sun begins to change them back to liquid form. The son laughs and breaks one off and touches his lips with it. The poem is full of imaginary that affects our senses of sight, hearing and touch.
The setting for this poem is a father and his small son are outside on a sunny winter’s day watching the melting icicles that are attached to an exterior railing. When I read this I could picture standing outside on an early spring day when everything is starting to thaw out after a long, cold winter. This poem is written with simple metaphors that are the same kind of comparisons that a small child might make. The father is able to look at the icicles through the eyes of his son with the amazement that only a child can experience with something new. The icicles are described as beards of light, giving us the image of their shape and how the sun reflects on them or the sound of icicles snapping off make sharp musical notes like an echo of piano notes. These are simple metaphors and there is nothing complex about them. Yet the author is able to show us what the icicles looks like to a small child and we get to experience that wondrousness world for ourselves through our own imagination.

This poem made me remember when I was a kid living on the family dairy farm and there would be that first day, late in the winter season where the sun would come out and start to melt ...

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...isagree with men.
Man has always had a desire to have dominance over something or someone. The problem arises when we try to dominate over other people and those people resist, because they want the freedom to make their own choices and not be ruled over. Girls were taught by not only the mother, but also by the media as to what their role were. Gender labeling claims that women were responsible for taking care of their children and the household. The women had no say in any of life’s major decisions as that was a part of the husband’s duties. In today’s world educated women can lead a career orientated life, but they still have to be a mother and wife, who cooks, cleans and takes care of the family. Men and women are equal, but different. We must look for ways to harness these differences and use them for the greater good that happens from helping one another.

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