Essay on Analysis Of The Poem ' Home Burial ' By Rachel Perkins

Essay on Analysis Of The Poem ' Home Burial ' By Rachel Perkins

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Discoveries made by individuals can often result in a change in perception and can facilitate new understanding to a great extent. This is evidenced through Robert Frost’s poetry, “Fire an Ice” and “Home Burial”, Rachel Perkins musical “One Night the Moon” (2001) and Francis Ford Coppola’s film “Apocalypse Now” (1979). The composers are able to offer their respective audiences insights and revelations into the human condition, and in particular, the emotional and spiritual relationships between loved ones and the physical and intellectual destructive nature of mankind.

Robert Frost’s “Home Burial” and Rachel Perkins “One Night the Moon” both investigate how grief and loss can result in a new understanding, or in this instance, how the lack of communication inhibits this. The changing dynamic of the relationship between husband and wife in each text results in a renewed perception after the strenuous emotional and spiritual discoveries. In “Home Burial” a physical and emotional separation is demonstrated through a demanding tone in “He spoke advancing towards her; ‘What is it you see from up there…”. The threatening demeanor in which he moves towards her also indicates that there is build up of tension between the two individuals. Furthermore, the disconnection between the couple is illustrated by how the husband must deal with the issue in a physical manner, whereas the wife can only deal with it in an emotional way. Frost depicts the wife Amy as emotionally suffocating, as she says, “I must get out of here. I must get air”. The desperate tone is used to illustrate the emotional torment she is experiencing. The husband’s inability to deal with the wife Amy’s emotional needs is emphasized by Frost, as “You can’t because you don’t ...

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...defeats us”. The calm and assertive tone used by Kurtz indicates his desire for the abandonment of rules in war, as he believes it hinders the ability to win. The didactic used by Kurtz also evidences his revelation that war can only be won if there is hatred for the enemy, allowing the audience to reflect upon his disturbing realization. Frost and Coppola are able to effectively exhibit how discoveries can be provocative and confrontational through their brutality in conjunction with their effect on the human mind.

The discoveries presented by each composer are able to impart, to a great extent, messages about the various types of discoveries and the various physical and emotional responses. The messages conveyed allow for new understanding and rejuvenated perceptions on relationships and existence, which accommodates deeper discovery into the meaning of each text.

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