Analysis Of The Poem ' Fires Of Jubilee ' Essay

Analysis Of The Poem ' Fires Of Jubilee ' Essay

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.The Fires of Jubilee is a historical recount of the life of Nate Turner who in 1831 lead a slave rebellion in Virginia’s South Hampton County. Early in his life, Nate Turner was recognized by his community as bright, intelligent, and a natural leader. His mother who was born in northern Africa believed birthmarks Nate had on his head and chest were signs that the youth was destined for greatness. Not only was the slave community, but also the master and his family were in awe of Nate’s ability to read without being taught, and of his knowledge of events that happened before his birth. For the first twelve years of the boy 's life, Nate played with the children of not only other slaves but also with the sons of the Master. For all his life Nate is told of his future glorie. However, when he reaches the age of twelve, he is assigned to work in the fields, an overly ordinary assignment for someone who was destined for greatness.
Religion played an integral role in the lives of Americans, and with the expulsion of English rule, the newly founded nation also felt the need to move away from the English church. The founders of these newly established churches would give passionate fire, and brimstone sermons to draw people into their flock. In the late 18th century the new churches that the rhetoric of the American Revolution had inspired preached aginst the institution of slavery and called on every slave owner to release their slaves from bondage. The Churches message convinced very few to release their slaves, and the abolitionist message threatened the livelihood of the newly formed churches. The church instead told their followers that it was the duty of slave owners to save the souls of those they had enslaved. The churches us...

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...tation the state militia captured them. Nate found himself alone he dug himself a small cave and hid out for two months only leaving to seal food and provisions. Nate waited in hiding for God to send him a message about how he should continue, while at the same time feeling as though God had abandoned him. His capture was not looking for him on that fateful morning when Nate popped his head out of his hiding place, the man was a poor farmer who was hunting, and Nate was taken to trial and sentenced to death. The aftermath of the rebellion was quick and severe, the fears that had plaged whites in the south for decades was now a reality. Mass hysteria spread from south Hampton to all slave states and many slave owners began to suspect their own slaves of such a rebellion. Many more slaves would die due to the white man’s fear brought to life by Nate’s bloody attacks.

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