Analysis Of The Poem ' Elegy For My Father, Who Is Not Dead ' Essay

Analysis Of The Poem ' Elegy For My Father, Who Is Not Dead ' Essay

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Family dynamics are patterns in the relationships between family members. Every family has its own dynamics and there are very different from one another because of the many aspects that influence them such as the numbers of members in the family, the personalities of the individuals, the cultural background, the economic status, values, and personal family experiences. This paper will analyze the two different relationship patterns found in the poem “Elegy for My Father, Who Is Not Dead,” by Andrew Hudgins and in the short story “Everyday Use” by Alice Walker. By interpreting those two sources through Freud’s concept of family, the family environment and the relationships between the members will be analyzed to illustrate the ways family dynamics shapes an individual personality.
Freud in his studies on family and in particular on families dynamics, analyzes the way the personality and structure of the mind is formed during childhood. His principle is that the mind in not pre-given, but it builds up through a process. He claims that the child is born in a neutral state, with no needs until he/she interacts with the parents. By responding to the child’s behavior, the parents will determine the behavior and the character of the child. Parents have the power to bestow or withhold love in relation to their own peculiar needs for love. This creates dependency as the basic feature of the child’s existence. Parents are the first contact and relationship and play an essential role on the child’s development. Their actions and demeanor have a heavy impact on the way their offspring will relate to others, and develop future relationships.
In the poem “Elegy of My Father, Who Is Not Dead” Hudgins analyzes and interprets the relationship h...

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...vibrant, and it has a specific diction as Mama gives a sense of realism in the story, she makes the language her own. From her way to narrate the story the reader can understand that she is a very honest woman, with strength, who is trying to find peace in her life.
The two sources present two very different family dynamics with some common elements. In fact, in both stories there is a desire to finding a true connection between the relatives who have different tendencies, feelings, cultures, and experiences from one another. Freud states how “family is the nexus of the experiences with which psychoanalysis is concerned” as he strives to analyze the fundamentals of a person’s identity in relation to their family relationships. By looking at the role that each of the character analyzed it is possible to better understand the behavioral tendencies of each individual.

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