Analysis Of The Poem ' After Love, And William Butler Yeats ' By Sara Teasdale

Analysis Of The Poem ' After Love, And William Butler Yeats ' By Sara Teasdale

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Love poems are usually what one thinks about when it comes to poetry. Usually the gushy, mushy, and all together very sappy kind. But what happens when the roses and violets wither and love ends? Many people do not dare think about life after love, because, for many, it is a painful thought. For some love fades slowly like a sunset and others end as quickly as lightning flashes. The topic of love and its flight from people’s lives is written in Sara Teasdale’s “After Love” and William Butler Yeats’ “Ephemera.” One thing is agreed, that all good things must come to an end, but how you take this ending reflects not only who you are as a character, but also the dynamic of your past relationship.

Though, both poems are about endings, we must start at the beginning. The title. Teasdale’s “After Love,” is as clear as it gets; it tells that the poem is about the discourse of love. The blunt honesty of the title gives a feeling that Teasdale is admitting or explaining something. William Butler Yeats’ title of “Ephemera” needs a bit more explaining, as it is more cryptic. “Ephemera” is a take on the word Ephemeral. Note it has an absence of an “L” which could be a symbol of the absence of love. Ephemeral means lasting a short time. The definition is interesting because the poem’s main characters are an older couple. This is evidence that the Ephemeral is actually referring to the shortness of life; and that though one may live a long time, it will still feel short. This shortness of life therefore shortens their relationship. It is obvious that the titles differ but what is similar is that they both are written about the extraction of cupid’s arrow.

Love, like life, is cyclical. When love ends another can begin. This cycle is referenc...

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...reoccurring theme of hope in Yeats’ “Ephemera.” He uses the metaphor (Lines 31- 32) “Our souls are love, and a continual farewell.” Meaning he believes that love will continue for them and end as they die and pass on to the next world, as hinted in line 31 with “ Before us lies eternity.”
Both passages were about love’s end, which is abnormal for the genre that they are encased. Neither passage focuses on how the lover looks, or what they love about each other. Instead it focuses more on personality of the character and how to get their goal, either together or separately. William Butler Yeats warm recall and Teasdale’s tragic end show how the ends of love could be handled. It doesn’t take much to say when something is over, and both poets do it beautifully. Love is good while it lasts but they both decide that they must move on; whether it be in love or bitterness.

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