Essay on Analysis Of The Poem ' A Big Lesson ' By Maya Angelou

Essay on Analysis Of The Poem ' A Big Lesson ' By Maya Angelou

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A big Lesson
Vivid recollections, significant observations, and impressive memories of the real, ordinary, and personal experience of childhood days are the strategies employed by Maya Angelou’s narration, “Champion the World”, and Amy Tan’s story, “Fish Cheek”, in order to create “the reader of the very pleasure”. Their essays are taking about “outsider” children in a culture predominantly white. Both stories are regarding the individuals wishing for being accepted by a group that they are not included in. The authors both use the same types of narration, starting their stories off with a powerful first sentence that draws the attention of the audience from the very beginning. Angelou’s narrative explains the racial differences between African Americas and white American, while Tan’s essay talks about a typical teenage girl feeling embarrassed about her Chinese background. Her narration speaks about a girl’s wish for her family to appear like a typical American family. Comparing with Tan’s story, Angelou’s narration composes of two stories, a story within in a story. Inside the story of what happened in the general store, there is a story about the Louise-Carnera fight. Not only does she recall evoking moments of her life but she also discloses the ironic situation that African Americans had in America in the 1930’s. Tan’s story provides a lesson in turning a negative into a positive. Tan looks back on the lesson that her mother taught her to accept and be proud of her heritage and culture. Angelou by her descriptions of everyone celebrating when Louis wins the fight, conveys the trill felt by the African Americans in the store. For Angelou, Joe Louis’ fight symbolized the struggle of African Americans to prove their worth in ...

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...egins with a transition that shows a certain time. For example, she says that “…the winter I turned fourteen” in the paragraph 1, or she uses the transition “When I found out …” in the paragraph 2. These transitions provide the reads with a sense of continuously going forward. In addition, she tries to convey her audience the fact that individuals have to be proud of their real and original identity. They should not deny who they are, meaning where they originally come from, what their cultures are, how their family traditionally behaves, and even what their cultural foods and clothes are. She recalls the readers that a person has to be ashamed of the wrong actions she or he may take in their lives. In order to clarify her assertion, she says her mother believed that “You must be proud you are different”, valuable lesson she has taught from her mother’s experiences.

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