Analysis Of The Poem ' A Bed ' Essay

Analysis Of The Poem ' A Bed ' Essay

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Hours passed, and she stayed in the tub until every last bubble had popped, revealing her in the tepid water. She smoothed her hands over her thighs, remembering... His pen digging into her skin, scrawling promises that he wanted her to make, but she had laughed. Didn 't he know that promises were part of a language she had never learned to speak? That one had been funny, but then the others... More last times. In a tent, under a tree... In his bed. She sighed, wrapping her arms around herself. Maybe he had meant it, maybe he hadn 't, but the risk of believing in anything past the next hour seemed too terrifying.

He had touched her everywhere-- with his supple hands, his devilish tongue, and maybe worst of all, those eyes... He had seen her, caught a glimpse of a Rose that usually never saw the light of day. And for good reason. She fingered the necklace around her throat, tugging a little and thinking of when he pulled her down to meet him for that kiss. She wanted to bottle that moment and feel it whenever she liked-- how raw it was, how electrifying. He had claimed every bit of her for himself, and she had begged to be claimed.

Now her body didn 't feel like her own. She touched her neck where he had given her a twin mark, a matching tattoo. It would fade in a few days, but long after the physical evidence was gone, she would still feel it.

"Look at the stars, Rose." He was pulling at her hair gently, and she hummed her approval, opening her eyes as he gently pulled her head back. Tiny witnesses blinked back at her, so bright away from the haze of the city, so many that it would take years to count them. She had mocked them on the balcony, but that was before. They were just fucking, then, and the stars ' presence felt like ...

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...e could probably guess-- and the results were spectacular, moody blues and purples sifting through the misty fog. Rosalie 's focus was entirely on the strings in front of her, and not once did she try to search the crowd for her professor. Even with the fog, the churning sea of people below her, she knew with one glance she would be able to discern whether he was there or not, and she didn 't want to know.

Rosalie nodded as she set up the heavily distorted baseline, her curls bouncing in time, crooning as Jessica crashed in on the drums.

"Good times, for a change...
See the luck I 've had, can make a good man turn bad
So please, please, please,
Let me, let me, let me
Let me, get what I want, this time..."

It was a shorter song, with none of the sad wistfulness of the original. Rosalie almost growled the lyrics, made them dark pretty curses that fell from her lips.

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