Analysis Of The Play ' The ' Of The Loman Family ' Essay

Analysis Of The Play ' The ' Of The Loman Family ' Essay

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Willy, Linda, Biff and Happy are all characters that use self- deception as a way to mentally escape the terrible reality of their lives. As the play progresses, and ends Biff is truly the one and only character that becomes self- aware. At the end of the play Biff accepts the lies his family and him have been living in for years. Biff makes huge changes mentally at the end of the play, which cannot be said for the rest of the Loman family.
Linda Loman is the enabler of the Loman family, and also uses self- deception to escape her life mentally. Linda never spoke up to Willy, and did nothing but feed his unrealistic dreams. Linda lived a life of “what ifs” with Willy. They both did the bare minimum in every aspect of their life, which is why they could barely pay their bills and could not hold a healthy relationship with their own sons. They failed in both their professional and personal aspects of their life, and spent all their time acting as if they were going to improve their situation but never took action on those improvements. Linda could not and was not willing to face the reality of the person she married. Throughout the whole play Linda was constantly taking the side of Willy, and never speaking the truth of him. Her husband was not a hard worker, or an honest man. Linda watches as her husband made numerous attempts of suicide, and she did nothing to face those problems she just allowed them to continue happening. Even after the death of Willy, Linda still struggled to accept reality. In the play, after Willy’s death at the funeral (which no one except the Loman family and Charley attended) Linda says, “But where are all the people he knew? Maybe they blame him.” This quote reveals that even after death, Linda cannot ...

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...s and actions truly are. Willy looks at Biff not going to get the loan, and Biff saying certain things to him is his son spiting him, but in reality it is Biff finding who he truly is. Willy wanted Biff to go ask a man he worked for ten years ago as a shipping clerk, for a huge loan and does not think there is anything wrong with it. While Biff is embarrassed to ask Bill Oliver for a loan, and Biff comes to the realization that he does not need a loan and needs to go out in the real world and put in real work.
In conclusion Biff is the only member of the Loman family that becomes self- aware, while the rest of the family uses self- deception to escape their reality. Biff Loman realizes how much his family does not live in reality, and cannot accept the truth of who they truly are. The only character that opens his eyes to himself, and his surroundings is Biff.

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