Analysis Of The Piece ' The French Horns ' Essays

Analysis Of The Piece ' The French Horns ' Essays

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The first instruments heard in the piece are the French horns. The piece then moves onto being played by the cellos and double basses. These instruments introduce the first theme by plucking the strings of their instrument which is also known as pizzicato. The bassoons then play octaves of alternating notes. The bass drum is then introduced establishing the tempo of alla marcia, meaning that the tempo is played in a march-style manner. The theme is then played in molto marcato. Following this comes the piano playing the key of B minor. Soon after, the theme is repeated with the cellos, double basses and bassoons alternating. With the repetition, the melodic pattern is also repeated. The next section is introduced when the cellos and double basses play in a descending scale. The second theme is played at an octave higher than the original. The octave is played through violins I and II, clarinets, and oboes. The cellos and double basses both use alternating octaves in order to continue the repeated musical phrase. The rest of the instruments are then introduced. The clarinets and oboes continue to play the theme but at a higher pitch. The violins, violas, and cellos then play using an ornamental pattern. Ornaments are meant to decorate the line in music rather than carry the overall melody of the piece. The violins, violas, and cellos play the music making use of the call and response method. The strings then lead into the next section creating a crescendo with the increase in loudness. The tempo quickly gets faster a little at a time. Eventually, all the instruments play at once thickening the texture of the piece which is homophonic. The end of the theme is emphasized by the playing of French horns and the trombone while the rest ...

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... I was little. “In the Hall of the Mountain King” was one of the very first songs I became familiar with at such a young age. I was always so intrigued by how the piece was set up. It is very exciting and that is exactly what drew me in when I was little. I remember every year around Halloween my music teacher would play this song and it got me even more excited for the holidays. This piece was always so mysterious and eerie it definitely fit in during the time of Halloween. For years I stopped listening to it because I just ended up forgetting about it. I was reintroduced to the piece after attending the University of Nevada’s first classical concert this year. It caught me by surprise that it was a part of the program, and it was refreshing to hear it all again. I thought what better excuse to listen to it a few more times if I write about it for my research paper!

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