Essay about Analysis Of The Photograph ' Napalm Girl ' By Press Nick Ut

Essay about Analysis Of The Photograph ' Napalm Girl ' By Press Nick Ut

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We use pictures to develop our own views on specific events that have gone on in the world past and present. In the photograph “Napalm Girl”, Associated press Nick Ut captured a story that only him and the people in the photo would know. The picture was captured of a group of children and soldiers getting away from an accidental napalm bomb that was dropped during the Vietnam War. I am going to establish the history of the event. The issue that this photograph was editors from different media companies and all built stories to show the public that the Vietnam war was not under control. All of the newscasting and journalist headlines that were created from the photos were different. This image has drawn many people in society to believing different information because of how the media used the story once it was publicized.
The image was captured on June 8,1972 in South Vietnam. There was a battle that was going on between the Viet Cong and South Vietnamese Army. During the battle South Vietnamese planes dropped napalm bombs through the battle zone. In the area of fighting there was a lot of civilians, and when the bombs were dropped they caused many injuries and deaths that were not meant to happen. There was many news casting crews on the outsides of the battle zone capturing pictures and filming the horrific event. A group of children and soldiers were making there way out of the smokey black smoke clouds when Nick Ut captured the never forgetting photo of the little girl.
When the New York Times published the photograph the headline title was Accidental Napalm Attack. The title was published to show that the napalm bombs that were dropped were an accident and not meant to harm civilians. In the article, Accidental Napalm Att...

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...Picture”: Reversing the Angle in Vietnamese American War Memoirs by Helena Grice. Grice quoted,
Kim Phuc’s story provides us with a differently nuanced perspective on the Vietnam conflict, the “reverse angle” for which Oliver Stone has called. Hers is a position of insider–outsider: she was severely wounded in the conflict, and subsequently used as a propaganda tool by the North Vietnamese, before her eventual defection from the country and repatriation and rehabilitation in the US. (946)
I agree with the author of this article when she said she was a propaganda tool. The story was what the media need during the war to show a what was going wrong in the war. Then when kim Phuc told her side of the story it created a completely different view. Phuc’s view of what happened that day is the most important one and gives a better understanding of her experience.

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