Analysis Of ' The Pearl ' Essay

Analysis Of ' The Pearl ' Essay

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In “The Pearl”, Kino is recognized as the man in the family, someone who is in charge and makes life changing decisions throughout the book; however, in “The Snow Walker”, Charlie believes he is the man at first, but realizes he could not survive without Kanaalaq’s help and her life saving techniques. There is a significant change that occurs in all the main characters throughout both stories. This change can be a matter of life or death.
Kino, the main character in “The Pearl”, starts off by being a loving, helpful companion to his lover Juana. The two are so connected they barely feel the need to talk to each other. Their life is almost perfect, until a scorpion stings their baby, Coyotito. Because the couple has very little money, the doctor will not cure Coyotito and says, “have I nothing better to do than cure insect bites for ‘little Indians’? I am a doctor not a veterinary”. Kino, being the man of the family, feels it is his duty to help his child. This causes him to search for “The Pearl of the World”. Kino, luckily, found such a pearl and believes it’s his gift to help out his family in need. To Kino, this pearl is a sign of luxury and happiness; however, he will soon find out this “gift” is the worst thing to happen to him. Throughout the book, Kino insists the pearl is a blessing. Juana, however, believes it is evil.
The townspeople are astonished and jealous of this great pearl. So jealous that Juana and Kino endure a break-in into their home. Juana yells at Kino demanding him throw the pearl away, “let us throw it back in the sea where it belongs. Kino, it is evil, it is evil!” Kino is reluctant and explains he will turn it in for money the next morning, for he is a man and will not back down. When he goes to colle...

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...tremendous amount of snow. However, it is too late. One night Kanaalaq gives Charlie boots and tells him to “walk well my brother”. Later that night, she disappears from the tent to die in peace away from Charlie. Charlie then builds up a stone structure and stores all her tools, including the tusks, into it. He learned this from Kanaalaq. Charlie sets off to find people in hopes of the best.
There are significant gender roles in both “The Pearl” and “The Snow Walker”, along with obvious changes throughout each main character. Kino and Charlie both start out as wanting to be the “man”. But, in their own ways, change dramatically by the end of the story. Kino’s change is because of the pearl and the townspeople trying to ruin his life. While Charlie believes he knows everything until he meets Kanaalaq, who is a woman and knows much more about survival than he does.

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