Analysis Of The Painting ' The Oil On Canvas ' Essays

Analysis Of The Painting ' The Oil On Canvas ' Essays

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Winter Landscape on the Banks of the Seine is a Neo-Impressionist painting. Matisse created this painting in CA. 1904-1905. The oil on canvas is 12 3/4 x 15 3/4 inches on its own. In the frame the painting is 19 1/4 x 23 1/8 inches. This painting is located in the Seattle Museum of Art where it hangs with other Neo-Impressionist paintings. This painting generates a sense of serenity and sets the mood in a romantic tone. This is created by the colors, the setting, and the style that Matisse chose to use in this painting. The medium that I chose is an oil on canvas painting. The application of the oil paint in this painting communicates the soft feel of the snow falling and the true sense of winter. The barren trees are a reminder that summer has left along with the life in the trees. To touch this painting would subsist of frequent protrusions. The texture would be grainy with edges that would prevent smooth travels. Upon approaching this painting, hanging on the wall, at first the size is underwhelming. It feels minute compared to the viewer. However, once you look into the painting, the composition creates a vast expanse of landscape that you could retreat into in order to escape reality. In order to thoroughly appreciate the painting and its details, it is necessary to stand a little over an arm’s length away. To stand too close grants the texture and style to become the focus. To stand too far away does the finer detail no justice as they abscond. The viewer must stand straight in front of the painting as well. Soft lighting from the recessed lights above illuminate this painting in the perfect amount of light. The soft lighting renders the viewer to slip even more in the mood of the painting. The lack of organized lines in thi...

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...t it in an untraditional manner. Brush strokes compose the form and shape. Lines are almost nonexistent. In my opinion, and based off of my reaction, this painting could also fall into the category of expressionistic. I became overcome with emotion upon seeing this painting in person for the first time. I felt the passion and serenity that the painting exudes. The combination of the colors and the landscape genuinely appealed to my soul. Winter is one of my favorite times of the year. It is a time for cozying up to a fire, drinking hot drinks, and spending time with loved ones. This painting holds all of these warm and happy thoughts for me. It stimulates the same feeling as a true winter in Washington does, except in a much more exotic backdrop. The familiarity and comfort that you feel when you walk into your childhood home, this painting creates that feeling in me.

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