Analysis Of ' The ' Of The Usa ' Essay

Analysis Of ' The ' Of The Usa ' Essay

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“Humanity is going to require a substantially new way of thinking if it is to survive.” -Albert Einstein. This quote, along with the documentary, is so eye opening to how our society functions and what it’s based on. In I Am, Tom Shadyac had the same dream and goals of many others in the USA: to stand out, be different, and be better than others. Well, until he got in a terrible bike crash where he broke a hand and got a serious concussion. It doesn’t seem like anything life changing, but the catch is that he was told that he had also had gotten post-concussion syndrome. PC syndrome is where you have all the symptoms of a concussion but for an extended amount of time; it can last for weeks, months, or even as long as you live. For several months after the crash Shadyac had very strong symptoms and ended up isolating himself because he was always in pain. He eventually accepted and faced death with one last wish: to tell people what he had realized, that the world was a lie. He wanted to show everyone that the way we live is not improving the world, but instead demolishing it. Psychological theories like Freud’s theory of the id, Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, and Erikson’s development stage generativity vs. stagnation, show certain concepts of why people act the way they do in this era.
Freud’s theory of the id, the unconscious part of the mind that craves satisfaction, can make a lot of sense in this greedy world. In his theory Freud says that the id has a pleasure principle. This means that your id wants satisfaction immediately, regardless of society’s rules or the feelings of others. You can see this in the film when they talk about the scientific assumption that people are self-interest machines and that we are wired to gratif...

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...hose apply to my life pretty well; I do have that craving for satisfaction, and sometimes I haven’t taken society’s rules or people’s feelings into account when I wanted some things. Then for Maslow’s hierarchy I see the connection; I have needs that are higher up in the pyramid that I want to fulfill because I have met the lower needs. It’s like when I want to look for new people to hang out with and find a sense of belonging and not having to worry about where I’ll be sleeping that night. That’s because I have stable and permanent shelter. Last is generativity vs. stagnation, where I see it in my parents. How they have raised me is where I see that theory working. They’ve taught me many things and care for me and even my friends. I believe these theories can relate to almost everyone’s lives. They can help guide you to understanding people’s actions and reasoning.

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