Analysis Of The Novel ' Voyage Of The Dark ' By Jean Rhys Essay

Analysis Of The Novel ' Voyage Of The Dark ' By Jean Rhys Essay

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Jean Rhys portrayed a similar message in Voyage in the Dark. Anna, the main character, is faced with the ultimate identity crisis throughout the novel. Having been born in a colony to an interracial couple, Anna’s childhood was full of misinformation and judgment by those closest to her. She was shunned by the white community around her, and was never going to be apart of the colored community no matter how badly she wanted to be. Anna did not fit into the colonizer’s status quo since she came from a mixed background, and when she would try and connect to the colored people around her, she was told that she could never understand their culture because she was “privileged”. This dynamic set the rest of the plot of Anna’s life in England. Being forced into an outsider’s role from the very beginning, Anna recounts a day in her childhood that illustrates this while she is waiting to be operated on in the end of the novel, “Gerald the child’s listening—oh no she isn’t Father said she’s looking out of the window and quite right too…[(Anna speaking:)] I was watching them [(the people of col...

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