Analysis Of The Novel ' Things Fall Apart ' Essay

Analysis Of The Novel ' Things Fall Apart ' Essay

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Recent events in an American soldier 's life, Spc. Laurel Cox, a Patriot missile specialist assigned to Fort Belvoir, Virginia, have indicated the true struggle men and women go through everyday just to live a normal life. Laurel Cox experienced multiple difficult injuries that she has to live with, but she wakes up every day and fights her hardest not to give up. She controls her life and does not allow anything or anyone to push her off her goals. Similar issues of identity play out in Things Fall Apart, Chinua Achebe’s novel that deals with difficult hardships the individual must ascertain with through one’s daily life. In contrast to Laurel Cox, the novel discusses an alternate and not so axiomatic way of dealing with such difficulties, rather than working everyday to get past the struggles in one’s life as Laurel Cox does. For instance, from the day one is born, a child looks up to his or her parents like they are gods. In some misfortunate cases, this is not the situation and a child grows to loathe their parents. The children that are put into these situations are bound for one of two circumstances: rising up to success or falling down to failure. This condition becomes very relevant to Okonkwo as he grows up and becomes a man. Just as Achebe presents an alternate look into change in one 's life through this failure from dereliction, so too does he present a lucid depiction of failure by a certain measure of self-achievement. This sense of maintaining a certain level of respect is connected directly to being unable to meet potential in one’s life. Overall, then, through a style that is unadorned and direct, the speaker employs that it is the human condition to give up when faced with difficulties through one’s life. The thi...

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...mply giving up on her life and letting her life play out, she took command and fights everyday for a better life. Currently, she took part in the Defense Warrior Games for wounded veterans. She is a lucid example of how one can take control of her own destiny for a better life and prevent further demise. Furthermore, this modern-day connection in Virginia, and discussion of controlling one’s destiny, raises a bevy of questions of exigency. What does it take for an individual to give up on life? How hard must one be pushed until the individual will fight back? How does the individual control one’s destiny? While these plethora of questions may remain unanswered for some time, they at least call us to move forward with a raised consciousness of overcoming adversity and how it impacts one’s life and the overall outcome of whether or not one rises up or falls to demise.

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