Analysis Of The Novel ' Azul ' Essay

Analysis Of The Novel ' Azul ' Essay

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Modernismo otherwise known as the modernist movement was a late 19th century literary movement that emerged in response against the literary movement Naturalism and the conformity and materialism of Western society. Influenced by French Symbolists and Parnassians, this movement is literary based with metaphors and innovative meters. It is approximated that this movement lasted 30 years more or so the life span of a poet named Ruben Dario who for the most part started the movement with his collection of poems in “Azul”. Modernismo played a unique role in the lives of Spain residents by becoming more than a literary movement, a time period of change.
Modernismo got its name from Darios serious interpretation of Rimbaud’s injunction, “one must be absolutely modern”. In opposition to that his title of Modernismo goes against the modern. For example characteristics of Modernismo are what follows. In poems under this movement you can find the rejection of everyday reality, idealizations of women, sensualism, and the alternation of melancholy and vitality and lastly the element of beauty, physical or internal. Rejection of reality can refer to transitioning to a different place in time where nothing is what it seems. Idealizations of women are used from the element in beauty that he seeks to portray throughout his poems. Also the different use of colors and backgrounds that make things appear beautiful and almost surreal. Take for example Sonatina a poem by Ruben Dario that holds all these characteristics. The character of that story was unsatisfied with her life even when she was a princess and had it all. It changes scenes from her feelings of depression to a sense of comfort that her God mother gives her bringing forth the themes of...

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...liot, John Mansfield, and Robert Brook followed by American novelists that we are all familiar with like William Faulkner, Toni Morrison and Ernest Hemingway. Modernismo got around to other countries as you can see providing partial if not full influence in the work of these writers. With all there works you can identify Modernism through their themes, topics, and styles of writing.
As you can see movement constituted a sudden and vigorous intellectual awakening in Latin America and around the world. It influenced people to rebel against the bourgeois. Modernismo had significant effects on contemporary arts, culture, and literature. Although some svcholars might believe that this movement has been long ago taken over by postmodernist trades, it doesn’t remove the history behind its ideologies and the change it spread around latin America and other parts of the world.

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