Analysis Of ' The Night Face Up ' Essay

Analysis Of ' The Night Face Up ' Essay

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Discovery has the power to transform individual’s lives to allow the individual to re-discover themselves and therefore give them a different perspective on their own life. This concept is demonstrated in William Shakespeare’s play ‘The Tempest’ and Julio Cortazar’s short story ‘The Night Face Up’. Shakespeare through the main protagonist, Prospero demonstrates that discoveries can cause individuals to become merciful and cooperative, even if they were out for revenge initially. In contrast Cortazar through his nameless protagonist conveys that the discovery of tragedy and danger can transform the individual into one who escapes reality to the extreme. Through both Prospero and the nameless protagonists, different transformations are illustrated due to their different circumstances.
Shakespeare reveals the transformation of Prospero throughout the play from an individual seeking revenge against others into a benevolent nobleman who has achieved enlightenment. Prospero with his daughter Miranda, is initially deserted on an abandoned island due to the ambition of his brother Antonio. Due to this action by both the royals who allowed Antonio’s plans to succeed and Antonio, Prospero wants to take revenge, this is initially planned to be carried out by using his vast knowledge and his magical powers. This is presented through the emotive language of Miranda “I have suffered with those that are suffering”, through the empathy that is displayed by Miranda the violent action of Prospero on the ship that carries Antonio and the royals are demonstrated. Through this violent action Prospero demonstrates his desire to get revenge on all the people that have harmed him and his daughter. However, Prospero also commands Ariel to protect the peo...

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...his discovery acts as a catalyst for an emotional transformation which portrays his escapist ideals. This is portrayed through the simile “an animal, just like me escaping from the smell of war”, by likening himself to an animal escaping, Cortazar indicates that the character is in complete rejection of the discovery that he has made. He also helps to convey the true nature of the protagonist and demonstrates his escapist ideals by illustrating to the audience that the peaceful world that he had conjured up was only a way to escape from his true reality. This is emphasised through the colour imagery “green and red lights that burned without fire” due to the questioning of the reality that he conjured up. Cortazar through the nameless protagonist demonstrates that the discovery of danger or tragedy is able to transform an individual emotionally into complete denial.

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